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The Republican Party No Longer Possess What It Takes

If Biden is installed as President, all future elections are in jeopardy

The Republican Party No Longer Possess What It Takes

The Republican Party No Longer Possess What It Takes

by Pete Ketcham

It has been apparent over the last twelve years that the Republican Party is losing ground, and no longer possesses what it takes to win in many of the political battle arenas.

Even though they have possessed the Presidency and both houses at times,  in the long run they have become less and less effective. This fact is now being demonstrated as we see all the good Trump accomplished being washed down the drain by the Democrat’s illegal and unconstitutional removal of him from office by massive voter fraud, and we have Mitch McConnell welcoming in Biden, and discouraging Republicans senators from opposing this fraudulent election, (must be his China connections influencing him).

One of the reasons the Republicans have lost their effectiveness over the years, is that they have been fighting their individual political battles in a somewhat isolated and disjointed manner against a growing and powerful anti-constitutional coalition. This coalition is composed of the Democrat Party, the liberal news media, the entertainment industry, the national education system, social media (Facebook Twitter, & Google), tremendous funding from corporate America, tremendous funding & influence from Communist China, and the recent addition of two street gangs (BLM & Antifa).

This anti-constitutional coalition is very effective because of two primary reasons. (One), they are united and back each other up completely concerning any and all issues. (Two) they are able to effectively indoctrinate and propagandize the entire national population by their control of the nationwide communication media.

It is acknowledge that the Republicans have talk radio, Newsmax, and Fox News (some times), but it simply does not match the power and influence of the Democrat coalition. This has now been born out by the fact that the Democrats have been able to openly and blatantly steal the presidential election (also down ballet offices), and the Republicans cannot get a hearing in many state courts, state legislation, and even SCOTUS due to the influence of the Democrat coalition.

As bad as it is now, it is is going to get worse when the Democrats are firmly in control of the Presidency, and possibly both houses. From that point on they will do everything in their power (legal or illegal) to see that the ineffective Republican Party never gains national control again.

And so the primary question arises, what do the patriots do ( In addition to asking for God’s help) to prevent this take over? The starting point can be taken from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which states: “Know Your Enemy”. The patriots can not wage an effective war without realizing what a powerful coalition they are up against. This does not mean they cannot win, it simply means they must devise a strategy to deal with this fact.

It would seem a possible first course of action could be to form a nationwide conservative coalition ( as I have proposed in two previous editorials) that could infuse the Republican Party with a true “stand up “ conservative commitment. This coalition could also work outside the confines of the Republican Party, organizing rallies, demonstrations, lobbyist efforts, etc. There is already a nationwide basis for this coalitions composed of the thousand and thousands of “MAGA” supporters who attended Trump’s rallies.

As noted previously, one of the main members of the Democrat coalition is the mainstream media (composed of CNN, ABC. CBS, and NBC). Without these four networks distorting, lying, or remaining silent concerning the national news, the Democrat Party would be unable to enact their unconstitutional destructive agenda.

Thus it would seem logical that the “primary target” of this “MAGA” coalition would be the mainstream media, and specifically the “news” anchors and talk shows who personally spout forth lies, distortion, and deception masquerading as news. This opposition to the mainstream media could consist of a daily public rebuttal (using every conservative platform available) of the specific comments and talking points put forth by these anchors.  Also, frequent noisy turbulent rallies that surround the actual broadcast studios of the mainstream media in New York and Atlanta, perhaps making life as difficult for them as they make it for the God-fearing patriots.


It is now blatantly clear that we can no longer rely on the existing ineffective compliant Republican party, who have now abandoned Donald Trump in his fight against this horrendous crime of voter fraud. If the Republican Party is not purged, and revitalized into an effective force in opposition to this unconstitutional takeover of our nation, we may lose our constitutional nation.

Thus, It remains imperative that the Patriots come together as a unified fighting force (coalition) against this powerful anti-constitutional coalition the godless Democrat criminals have created, for if Biden is installed as President, all future elections are in jeopardy of being stolen.


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2 Comments on The Republican Party No Longer Possess What It Takes

  1. With friends like these, who needs enemies ?..Mr Ketcham’s indictment of the Rs applies in spades here…CAGOP is nothing but a fossilized old boy club. always bringing up the rear in any important fight..They – CAGOP – actually opposed a Trump candidacy at first, and only jumped on the Trump Train so as not to be left at the station…CAGOP has actually put up spoiler candidates when they have seen a viable conservative gaining steam..Remember Tim Donnelly !….If Ca has earned the name “Commiefornia”. CAGOP is much to blame..As things stand now at the national level, it’s a question if long term plans to reconstitute the Republican Party.are not infected with normalcy bias…At this crossroads, Militia and infantry training might be more practical.

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