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The Life Cycle of the USA

Socialists are Social Plunderers who have devalued everything through their shallow altruism.

The Life Cycle of the USA

The Life Cycle of the USA

by Boyd Evan White

“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.” – John Adams

The above quote is a life cycle of sorts denoting sometimes serious matters need take precedence. In times of peace and good business learning and refined arts and crafts can be pursued enriching life in general.

“We are told, that in the sack of Athens the Goths had collected all the libraries, and were on the point of setting fire to this funeral pile of Grecian learning, had not one of their chiefs, of more refined policy than his brethren, dissuaded them from the design; by the profound observation, that as long as the Greeks were addicted to the study of books, they would never apply themselves to the exercise of arms.” – Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

There are priorities; John Adams did more than study books though they were the right books; he risked his life for liberty from British rule.

The USA has a proficient military and there are many veterans acquainted with the strategies and tactics of war. Our politics and economics are so recklessly propped up it is hard to imagine any combination more shifty or “By Decree.”

Evidence after evidence could be presented…fundamental facts that the tipping point of a rational lifestyle with equitable allegiance has left us. Most readers would agree with the evidences but are hesitant to employ active strategies and tactics because no one wants to disrupt the supply lines.

Let’s look at a couple Life Cycles to assess the situation:

The Tytler Cycle

  1. Bondage
  2. Spiritual Faith
  3. Courage
  4. Liberty
  5. Abundance
  6. Selfishness
  7. Complacency
  8. Apathy
  9. Dependence

…Then starting over with Bondage.

Monetary Life Cycle

  1. Full bodied things (Diamonds, Cigarettes, Coffee, Fishhooks, Grain, Bullets, Gold, Silver)
  2. Full bodied coinage (Uniform in construction and value, Certified by government mint)
  3. Reduce amount of precious metal. Token coin. (Still has acceptance of public)
  4. Paper Money – Representative Value (Convertible to coins)
  5. Precious Metal entirely removed from coin [Fiat System] (Paper money not representative of coinage)
  6. Majority use of Checks and (Debit Cards) [Fiat System]
  7. Inflate Value Away
  8. Society begins to understand money is worthless and wants alternative types of payment.
  9. Hyperinflation
  10. Chaos

..Then starting over with Full Bodied Things.

Any honest person would discern we are at the tail end of these Life Cycles. Likewise, hopefully the majority would be attracted to solid ideas like “Spiritual Faith”, “Courage”, “Liberty”, and “Full Bodied Coinage.”

The idea of a Republic was to keep us as close to those good concepts for as long as possible. It is probably beyond human capability to stop these Life Cycles entirely; however, it is a duty to honestly understand your era’s situation.

Which brings us to two options:

  1. To let the Life Cycles continue on bringing us back to the beginning, or
  2. To step backwards to prudent points on the Life Cycles.

We most likely are not going to step back to prudent government; there are too many Socialist minded people in the USA; they are Social Plunderers who have devalued everything through their shallow altruism.

However, there are new variables in play. In both the Life Cycle’s above the mental and physical capabilities of Humans and technology they used were about the same at the beginning and end of these Life Cycles. Starting at the beginning would be about the same for day to day life as starting at the beginning the last time.

That is not true this time.

The lifestyle of the USA and around the world is the foundation for Biological Engineering, Massive Surveillance infrastructure, the Internet which is the largest library the world has ever known, robots including killer robots, transportation quickly and efficiently, massive international trade, health care knowledge and capabilities vastly superior than 125 years ago…and more.

Looping back to the beginning of these Life Cycles would defund these things for most people’s access. The rich and powerful people are not going to make the loop back to the beginning. And that is another important thing to understand. There is not going to be a new Dark Age for them. They will do anything, anything at all, to not start over.

About now you can start referencing fiction novels about how the future will turn out (“Does art imitate life, or life art?”). Some dystopian; some heroic. One thing seems certain, the general public is stuck at the end of Tytler Cycle and the Monetary Life Cycle. And that does not bode well since those positions are based on an immoral and corrupt “State”. That being said, there is a lot of momentum in how things are today, the supply lines could continue for decades. It is a very tough thing to think about; there is no “best” option; “Supply Lines” vs. “Equitable Allegiance”; siding with one today diminishes the other.

It will take a miracle of ratiocination, empathy, and honesty to find a future where the vast majority can agree they have equitable allegiance and maintain our supply lines.

Miracles are miracles when they are miraculous. Who has seen anything suggesting something miraculous concerning equitable allegiance is coming our way?


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