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Plan of Action Part 2 by Pete Ketcham

As a county Tea Party leader I witnessed that we were a decentralized and somewhat disjointed coalition


Plan of Action Part 2


by Pete Ketcham

This editorial is a follow up on a previous editorial, discussing the formation of a coalition of Trump supporters.

I had stated in that previous editorial that this conservative coalition (suggested name MAGA) should be a state centered organization, rather than a local county organization as the Tea Party was. As a county Tea Party leader I witnessed that we were a decentralized and somewhat disjointed coalition that lacked collective power to exert much influence with state and federal politicians.

As I continue to ponder this coalition concept, I have come up with additional suggested policies and procedures that could make this coalition effective, they are as follows:

1. I believe a nationwide high profile individual would be extremely beneficial in launching this concept. Perhaps someone like Mike Lindell (My Pillow CEO), member of the Trump family, or even Donald Trump himself if he is no longer President.

2. I had previously stated that this coalition could be a helpful influence on the Republican Party, but it should be far more than that, it needs to dominate the Republican Party. This may sound somewhat harsh, but I believe it is absolutely necessary, because as we observe the ineffectiveness of the Republican Party, it is quite apparent it needs to be revitalized.

Every Republican political candidate (County, state, or national) would be thoroughly vetted by this coalition, and if found lacking in conservative principles, would lose the Republican support. The Rino would be no more.

3. As I stated in my previous editorial, I think it would be a fatal mistake to start a third party (Even centered around Trump), as it would hand every future election to the Democrats, even without their customary tactic of stealing it.

Lastly, I have heard fears expressed on the Rush Limbaugh show by callers, and even Rush Himself, that after Trump departs the white house, the “deep state” Republicans will take back control of the party, but they can only do this if the “Trumpers” allow it.

If the thousand and thousands of Trump supporters come together in a unified coalition, they can easily control the Republican Party for years, but they must put this coalition together now.


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