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Plan of Action By Pete Ketcham

It is imperative that a movement or organization be formed to help counter this criminal enterprise


Plan of Action

by Pete Ketcham



In my previous editorial I had described how the Democrat party had evolved into a corrupt “Political Criminal Enterprise” possessing tremendous assets. Because this corrupt enterprise is in the process of destroying our constitution, It is imperative that a movement or organization (in addition to the Republican Party) be formed to help counter this criminal enterprise, in essence it is time to “fight fire with fire”.

The Concept

A coalition should be formed that will deal back to the Democrats the same abuses that they have dealt out. This coalition could also fill the gap created by the ineffective deep state Republicans who continually give in to the Democrat’s agenda.

Although this is a big undertaking, the time frame for this is much more critical than it was for the Tea Party back in 2008 when the Obama administration began. Fortunately a tremendous asset for this coalition already exists, and that is the thousands and thousands of people that show up for Trump rallies all across the nation.

The Plan

The following is a brief list of suggested policies and procedures that could make this coalition effective.

1. The name could simply be MAGA, a coalition of patriots.

2. It would be organized on a state basis, with one central management team per state.
It should not be organized on a local county basis as the Tea Party was. As a county Tea Party leader I witnessed that we were a decentralized and somewhat disjointed coalition that lacked collective power to exert much influence with state and federal politicians.

3. Operational communication throughout this coalition statewide and nationwide could be by texting, phone, email, and Parler Network, bypassing Twitter, Facebook ,and Google if they block conservative communication.

4. This coalition would operate in the “halls of congress”, state legislatures, state/federal capitals, and in the streets. It would strive to influence state and federal legislators by persuasion and/or harassment (as promoted and recommended by Democrat representative Maxine Waters).

5. They could hold rallies in the streets, in the parks, state/federal capitals, around major liberal media studios, or where ever they deem appropriate. It should be expected that they will meet violent confrontation by Antifa & BLM in the streets, and thus should always have a large accompanying contingent of “warriors” with helmets, batons, body armor, and even deadly force capabilities in the event they are faced with deadly force. These “warrior’s” primary mission would be defense not offense.


It is evident and imperative that a powerful coalition be formed (in addition to the Republican Party) to defeat this corrupt socialist/Marxist Democrat Criminal Enterprise that is in the process of taking permanent control of this nation.

This is a far bigger issue than Trump and the blatantly stolen 2020 election. Our entire constitutional nation is in grave jeopardy of being destroyed, and only by God’s guidance and help is it possible to formulate a plan of action that would be able to save our nation.


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