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Lockdown Protest in Salem, Oregon

"Many small business owners have nothing left to lose."

Patriot Protest in Salem, Oregon

Lockdown Protest in Salem, Oregon

by Shari Dovale

The Oregon State legislature met again on Monday morning with the session again being closed to the public.

After being ignored for so long, groups of people gathered at the capital to demand access to “The People’s House.” The protesters were frustrated at the third closed session by the legislature, with is a direct violation of the State Constitution.

Article IV, Section 14 of the Oregon Constitution:

Section 14. Deliberations to be open; rules to implement requirement. The deliberations of each house, of committees of each house or joint committees and of committees of the whole, shall be open. Each house shall adopt rules to implement the requirement of this section and the houses jointly shall adopt rules to implement the requirements of this section in any joint activity that the two houses may undertake.

Dan Donahue was at the mostly peaceful protest rally and provided us with updates:

Well we went and shook up Kate “The Tyrant” Brown and stormed the State Capital, that was locked up at 8 am.

Half of the 30 in the first room of the Capital were in full battle rattle, so the Troopers forced the front guys back with pepper spray. They even sprayed a 12 year old and mother.

The steam rolling democrats prepared to pass a mandatory vaccine for schools and another billion in special spending for misc. and lots of minority only business relief. Yes you heard me right, only blacks will get the free money and grants. Well OK more for the homeless also.

The (State Police) SP called in all the SP they could muster, and two armored swat trucks, and blocked all the entrances and exits to the Capital area.

They stayed away from the capital for the most part over a block away with lights going full blast. Christmas early I guess.

Some mothers, who’s businesses have been shut down for months, took flags and their kids and walked up and kicked the SP battle wagons and waved flags at them. Later a number of full battle rattle ex-vets and other concerned citizens stood in from of them. Sort of a Tiananmen Square moment.

People from Douglas county, Linn, Multnomah County, Lane, Coos, Marion County were just some the ones I saw there. Even a few from Washington State. The messages that they/we were trying to send was Open Oregon so people can work and keep there small businesses open.

Today was a Tea Party moment. And for those of us that had American History in school, is the Concord moment facing us in 2020 or even 2021. Many small business owners have nothing left to lose.

The following came through from the Oregon State Police:

Oregon State Police <>

Mon, Dec 21 at 2:02 PM


News Release from Oregon State Police

Posted on FlashAlert: December 21st, 2020 2:00 PM

Downloadable file: Ryan Lyles

On December 21, 2020 at 1:30 P.M. a subject attempted to gain entry on the west side of the Oregon State Capitol building by breaking a widow of one of the doors. He was taken into custody.


On December 21, 2020, while dealing with individuals that had gained entry into the Oregon State Capitol, OSP Troopers where sprayed with some kind of chemical agent on 2 different occasions.

At 8:30 A.M., when protesters entered that capitol building, at least one of the protesters used chemical agents on the police. That person is still outstanding. OSP used inert pepper ball, while dealing with these protestors.

At 10:30 A.M., when there were enough resources available between OSP & Salem Police Department, they started to push the crowd out of the building, when another individual used bear spray against police officers. That person, who has been identified as Ryan Lyles (41) (see photo), has been taken into custody. He is being lodged at Marion County Jail on multiple charges including trespassing and assaulting a police officer.

OSP has not deployed any CS gas.

The Oregon State Police encourage people to exercise their first amendment rights, but it must be lawfully. Please, discontinue the acts of vandalism or destruction of property. If you commit a crime you will be subject to arrest.

Due to the overwhelming number of media requests, we will not be responding to individual requests at this time.


On December 21, 2020 around 8:30 A.M. during the third special session protesters where able to gain access to the Oregon State Capitol. The Oregon State Capitol is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Oregon State Police and Salem Police were able to get everyone out of the building. Two individuals refused to leave the building and where taken into custody

The Oregon State Police encourage people to exercise their first amendment rights, but it must be lawfully. Please, discontinue the acts of vandalism or destruction of property. If you commit a crime you will be subject to arrest. ?

The State Police declared the event an “unlawful assembly” early on during the protest. There were reports of a small amount of damage done to a door. It is unclear who initiated the damage, with suggestions that the Radical Left infiltrated the rally, but that has not been verified.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Radical Extremists super-majority Democrats in the State House, and the possibility of them locking down the entire state of Oregon over the Chinese Flu.


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