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Will SCOTUS Hear Any of the Election Cases?

Supporting evidence of this massive voter fraud is a major affidavit.


Will SCOTUS Hear Any of the Election Cases?

by Pete Ketcham

The Dilemma

From the public statements of Rudi Giuliani, Sydney Powell, and others in hearings, interviews, and court filings, it is evident that a huge and blatant voter fraud has been perpetrated by the Democrats in the 2020 presidential race between Trump and Biden.

Supporting evidence of this massive voter fraud is a major affidavit (among many others) submitted by Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia. The following is a link to the entire affidavit, which is well worth reading in it’s entirety, as it lays out the whole picture from a professional’s knowledgeable perspective. Affidavit of Dr Navid Keshavarz Nia

Because of these various affidavits, the extent of this fraud is now becoming well known by the the general conservative public which raises the major question, how does it all proceed from this point on?


This issue will no doubt be argued in the various federal district courts, but it doesn’t seem probable that Trump will prevail there, and so it could eventually move up to the Supreme Court of the United States ( SCOTUS), but now that probability looks dim, as Trump just announced that he believes SCOTUS will not hear his case.

So where does that leave us who know the election was stolen? If SCOTUS refuses to hear the presidents case, it would seem Sydney Powell will not be able to reach SCOTUS with her case either.

I believe most conservative citizens now realize that if the Democrats pull this massive national voting fraud off, the foundational principle of the people’s constitutional choice to decide who it’s leaders will be, will have perished.

But for the present, it remains a volatile and fluid situation that changes daily, leaving many conservatives in a dilemma as to what action to take.

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