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WHAT HAPPENED? I Expected Trump to Win.

Democrat judges, state officials, and lawyers are going to dismiss the lawsuits, file counter claims, hide evidence, etc.,


WHAT HAPPENED? I Expected Trump to Win.

by Pete Ketcham

I personally expected Trump to win the presidential election in a landslide, and was somewhat shocked at the extent Biden won. I had expected some fraudulent voting and vote counting by the Democrats, but still did not expect a Biden win.

What has now become evident is that this presidential race was not primarily between Biden and Trump, but was the culmination of a four year war of hate against Trump by the Democrat media, assisted by the community of higher education (academia).

The media, composed of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Public Radio, and others spent 24/7 demonizing Trump, they abandoned their status as news agencies, and literally became the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Likewise, the colleges across this nation indoctrinated their students (for four long years) with a hatred for everything Trump stood for, said, or implemented as policy. They also used Trump’s un-presidential manner, and his persona as a arrogant braggart to fan this hatred.

It should be noted that this same propaganda tactic of demonetization and hatred used by the Democrats, was the same as employed by the Nazis against their fellow Jewish citizens

Thus there was created a deep and widespread hatred of Trump across this nation that was reflected by the millions that were more motivated to vote against Trump, than their support for Biden.


Even though Trump has vowed to fight the voter fraud, and has filed lawsuits in multiple states, the Democrat judges, state officials, and lawyers are going to dismiss the lawsuits, file counter claims, hide evidence, etc., which could prolong this process past the January date when the Trump administration will be required to vacate the White House. Trump will have to move well over a hundred thousand personal votes to his column to win, which at this point seems impossible.

So where does it all go from here? It would appear that we may once again be under the same liberal, illogical, godless rule of the liberal left that we endured for eight long years under Obama, and of course, the media will now drop the Trump hate campaign, and turn it’s efforts to praising Biden and his administration.

Perhaps we should take the advice of Democrat representative Maxine Waters, and start a nationwide campaign of harassment (which the Democrats have already been doing) against our political opponents in the federal/state legislation, and also in the media and academia.

In essence make it as unpleasant for a individual to be a Democrat politician as they make it unpleasant for us to live under their illogical, immoral, godless rules.


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2 Comments on WHAT HAPPENED? I Expected Trump to Win.

  1. Republican – Democrat makes little difference, there was no election and there hasn’t been a election for decades.
    This was a normal selection/election but the numbers were not what the powers wanted (and they knew they were not going to go their way all along) so they changed the numbers during the selection/election voting farce to reflect the selection they desired and to divide the country further.
    Wake up people were being played.

  2. How about making whoever is President much less important, not to mention establishing firewalls against Mordor on the Potomac ? We all know that the Fed has morphed into a Frankenstein’s Monster..The “Creature” meant to unite the states for our national defense and general welfare has become an all powerful and all consuming empire, and the minions of that empire – the Federal “Agencies” – are often little different from Organized Crime….Outfits like BLM, USFS or EPA will make you an offer you can’t refuse !…..There’s not much doubt that our republic is at a crossroads, The prospect of Joe Biden being sworn in as President is grotesque…sickening.. infuriating….But only so long as we give the Presidency an unwarranted importance..Is it a pipe dream of mine to imagine a state, or better yet, several states, saying ” WERE DONE ! ! ! ” and begin erecting firewalls ?..Please don’t think I’m advocating succession, but only a firm, resolute assertion of their 10A prerogatives and Jefferson’s “Rightful Remedy” – nullification of obnoxious Federal Laws..

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