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WATCH: Civil Disobedience In Buffalo New York

A deputy tried to convince the group that the mask order was “The Law”.

WATCH: Civil Disobedience In Buffalo New York

Civil Disobedience In Buffalo New York

by Shari Dovale

Watch out for Patriots that have actually read the Constitution!

More than 100 business owners in Buffalo, New York gathered inside a local gym to discuss the current Orwellian restrictions being placed on them by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

An anonymous instigator called in a complaint that these good people were violating the Covid 19(84) lockdown orders. The response came from a visit by the Erie County Health Department and Sheriff Deputies.

One man tried to spell out their frustration to the health dept. official by explaining that these protesters actually work for their money and they don’t want to lose their livelihood.

I have seen clients die because they have lost their livelihood,” he said.

Running out of patience with the goon squad, these folks quickly ran them out of the building, and off the property with shouts of “go get a warrant” and “you are not wanted here.”

A deputy tried to convince the group that the mask order was “The Law”. However, these folks that, unlike these officials, actually seem to have read the Constitution, argued back that it was not the law as it did not go through the state legislature.

Show me the law” and “Then take me to jail” were clearly spoken, at which point the deputies and health dept woman turned around and left the premises.

God Bless these good people for standing up for their rights.

See for yourself below:


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