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Socialism vs the American Dream – Every Vote Counts

The choice is about what kind of America you want to live in.

Socialism vs the American Dream – Every Vote Counts

Socialism vs the American Dream – Every Vote Counts

by Shari Dovale

What kind of America do you want? This is the real question for every voter in this historic election. This is not about individuals. It is not about Trump vs Biden. Are you voting for a man, or are you voting for the policies that you want to see happen in this country?

Pick your issue, is it Abortion or Transgender rights? Corona-virus mandates or Universal Health Care? Are you in favor of increasing taxes? Do you support congressional term limits?

This country is facing a time when we can turn to communism or return to the American Dream. Which is your choice?

Do you believe that we need more government to keep the people in line? Do you believe that you should be allowed to earn, and keep, whatever amount of money that you choose?

Are you hoping for a lot of free stuff, like free college and free healthcare? What are you willing to do to obtain those goals, because they have to be paid for somehow?

Are you supporting the US Constitution, and all the amendments? Do you support the right to defend yourself? Do you support the rights to Due Process?

If you don’t know how the candidates stand on different issues, yet you know how you are going to vote, then you are being led down the wrong path. You are not engaged in the process, you are only engaged in the talking points of the Main Stream Media propaganda.

Do you know that Joe Biden has said repeatedly that he will raise taxes? Yet Trump has already lowered taxes on the middle class.

Joe Biden wants a larger, more controlling government. President Trump has cut regulations on everything from labor to the environment.

Joe Biden wants to make all illegal immigrants legal on day one of his presidency. President Trump wants to help those that come into this country legally.

Biden wants to make Gender Identity a protected minority class, while President Trump wants girls to play sports against other girls, and boys to use their own bathrooms.

President Trump has repeatedly fought against a national mask mandate for the Chinese Flu, yet Joe Biden has said that he is in favor of forcing the entire country to do his bidding on masks.

Joe Biden supporters want him to pack the Supreme Court with progressive justices just because they want to guarantee their communist policies will be enforced, yet Biden has said that the American people do not deserve to know how he personally feels about court packing.

Do you think that only legal residents should vote in our country, as they do in every other country? Joe Biden wants to allow other countries to determine who will be elected in America.

Do you support Congressional term limits? Is it time to make these career politicians get out of government and get real jobs? The lifelong career politician, Joe Biden, does not think so and wants to preserve the political upper class.

Do you think that abortion is the killing of babies? How about abortion during delivery? What do you think about infanticide, or what Democrats want to call “After Birth Abortion”? When you vote for the democrats, you are signaling your approval for the killing of these innocent lives.

The choice that you have to make this election is not between an orange man or a man in the early stages of Alzheimers. The choice is about what kind of America you want to live in.

Do you want the American Dream, the promises to which your ancestors of many generations aspired? Or do you want to live in the communist glory of Venezuela and Cuba?

Make your choice because every vote counts.

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  1. Appalled….chagrined….in disbelief….disgusted…sick….Apparently, many Americans do want to scuttle everything our country stands shuffle off responsibility for their lives and become subjects of an all powerful and all consuming Govt..The Land of the Free BECAUSE of the brave ?..A gelded and luxurious population says..”Maybe if I keep my head down and stay quiet, the crocodile will eat me last !”

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