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Preplanned Voter Fraud by Pete Ketcham

We instinctively and logically know that there is no way Biden could have won all these swing states by sitting in his basement.

Voter fraud dominion

Preplanned Voter Fraud

by Pete Ketcham

This current election voter fraud dilemma is similar to a cross country race where each contestant has an individual course to run. One contestant has a course that the best time ever reported was one hour, yet he manages to run it in 40 minuets with no prior training. You instinctively know that he could not have done this without a ride, yet you have no witness to substantiate he cheated.

That is where we seem to be in this current presidential election. We instinctively and logically know that there is no way Biden could have won all these swing states by sitting in his basement drawing crowds of 300 compared to Trump drawing up to 57,000 with multiple rallies.

Consequently, It seems evident that this Democrat voter fraud was a preplanned strategy which included keeping the puppet candidate locked down in his basement, assured they would make him a winner at the “ballot box” by illegal, deceptive vote manipulation. This whole program of voter fraud was engineered long before the election, and was designed to use the Dominion/Smartmatic systems to manipulate certain swing states and population centers they felt could be “sold” as logical results of voting for Biden.

Thus combining the computer manipulation fraud with the mail-in fraud, a system was created that was capable of transferring millions of Trump votes to Biden.


I have faith that Sydney Powell ( who’s book “Licensed To Lie” I read months ago) is a capable rational investigative attorney, who’s statements concerning the evidence she has gathered concerning this 2020 voter fraud is not exaggerated as some claim, but is factual and compelling. If Sydney is given the opportunity to present her evidence before the US Supreme Court, I believe it will be revealing and dynamic.

Yet, It is an uncomfortable waiting period of uncertainty to see if the Trump team, working with Sydney Powell can overcome this corrupt voting event that the Democrats have perpetrated on the American people. So far they have not been successful in their individual state legal efforts, and it is a “long journey” to reach the Supreme Court (who do not want to be involved).

Although the trend to install Biden as president is gaining strength, Trump and his “team” indicate they will not give up, and fight this issue to the bitter end. If they fail to win this issue, the constitutional process of honest elections is in jeopardy of being lost for all future elections.


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