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Maga, Walkaway, and Stop the Steal in Washington DC

But on this plane were what appeared to be Antifa/BLM.

Photo Brooks Meriwether

Maga, Walkaway, and Stop the Steal in Washington DC

By Maggie Rose

Arriving in Virginia at the Dulles International Airport, on Thursday evening on a half empty plane, was comforting after changing planes in SFO, but on this plane, were what appeared to be Antifa/BLM. We were both wearing our retired military caps and our 27 year old son, a Trump baseball cap. Obvious to all, were the dirty looks given by some on the plane as they walked by our assigned seats, wearing “Biden/Harris” masks, as they made their way to the back lavatories. As we disembarked the plane and headed downstairs, these numerous individuals were rounded up quickly and spirited away within minutes.

We quickly learned to download the uber app, and requested a driver. Within 20 minutes we had a very courteous driver picking us up. He drove us over the border into the District of Columbia, to the heart of Washington DC. He warned us to stay away, (especially at night) from the South Eastern parts of DC. “Even law enforcement, tries to avoid going down there.” We were safely dropped off at the Washington Court Hotel, across from the Hyatt.

Photo by Justin Christopher

The next day looking out from our 12th floor window, we noticed no fewer than seven white van’s pull up and unload individuals. Walking by the front of the Hyatt three days later, we noted the high security. Universal precaution Stations with sanitizer and wipes were at the front door of the Hyatt. We inquired about the high security, that we had noted for three days straight. An official looking lady, pulled her shoulders back and stated that “These are the New incoming Congress for January. They are going through training, briefings and prepping. Sixteen of them are our new junior congresswomen!”

Friday, November 13 we walked around to do a familiarization “Recon,” walking to the US Capitol only blocks from our hotel. Fencing was surrounding, keeping the public a very great distance from the building. Capitol Police were courteous and respectful. We gave them some intel about the Antifa and BLM and what our vetted sources, told us they were planning to wear so to “Blend in,“ with the rest of us who were Trump supporters. FB posts informing their “Comrades” what to wear and do, was given to the Capitol Police. Also, the Capitol Police were informed that it had been witnessed that Antifa/ BLM were wearing patches that said “Press” that were iron on, or Velcro patches. They were NOT “Press” and not “Medics”

After visiting the Washington Monument, and going within a few hundred feet of the White House, we noted sirens and lights flashing. A large black vehicle motorcade was circling the Capitol Mall and going past us.

The Day of the March, Nov 14(Saturday), was a sunny and warm day. The excitement as people poured out of various hotels was palpable. We caught a taxi, inviting two women Trump supporters to join us. We saw the streets were blocked off, surrounding ”Freedom Plaza,“ and so we got out and walked. People were pouring in from feeder streets. Children bouncing to the music on father’s shoulders, waving balloons and/or signs. The atmosphere was pure joy and determined Patriotic expressions, of “We are taking America Back!” Steven Boothe from Arkansas said, “The New World Order, Deep State, United Nations, had better watch out, we are coming for them! We will ferret them out!”

Two hours before the MAGA Rally was to begin, at Freedom Plaza, an unexpected visit and motorcade with POTUS Trump waving through the windows, showing his appreciation of the ‘Love ‘ and support of “WE THE PEOPLE!”

One of the guest speakers at the MAGA Rally/ “Stop the Steal” was Mike Lindell, owner and founder of “My Pillow” who is a strong supporter of bringing back production to the USA from China.

People were texting and phoning friends and others that all the roads leading in and out of the city were blocked or closed off.

Controlled Mainstream media like Fox TV News was reporting throughout the weekend that “Maybe, perhaps there were ‘Ten’s of thousands” of people at the MAGA Rally for Trump. In fact from the pictures taken by aircraft and those of us “Boots on the ground,” and the ‘pings’ off cell towers…there were at least 1million or more people, with more showing up during the day. Store owners were stating “we have never seen anything like THIS Before!” McDonalds employee Janet L.

When speakers were gathering at Freedom Plaza to speak, there were those assigned concurrently speaking on the steps of the US Supreme Court. When Amy Kremer, founder of “Women for Trump,” gave the word to march, thousands did an about face and started heading down Pennsylvania Ave, for the steps of the US Supreme Court.

Upon arriving, we noted that many marching with us, never had made it all the way, suddenly turning around and heading in the opposite direction. When this writer and others inquired where they were going, the reply was “(Redacted), does not want us to finish, we are told to go back to where he is!” It had already been confirmed that this individual had spent years warmongering and building a financial empire, by false conspiracies like ‘that the children at Sandy Hook had never perished.’ We saw so many sheeple heading back, and realized that some were there to make it about them, not the team effort of ALL of us being there for America and for President Trump. This was their opportunity again, to deflect attention off the Real purpose and Message for that day. We also discovered through investigation that this individual was informed that they were “NOT” to be one of the guest speakers, but that did not deter some from making this MAGA Rally about them! This was just one of the sad points of the weekend.

Antifa and BLM were being kept fairly contained in a small area to the left of the Steps of the US Supreme Court. Washington DC “Capitol Police” were staunchly standing sentry facing them, while the rest of us gathered to listen to the speakers, and/or stand behind protective gating, watching protectively for any signs of further attacks from the BLM/Antifa. Our “Proud Boys (and Gals)” from all over the country, stayed together in a singular group. Only later when they came upon Trump supporters; elderly men and women wearing Trump paraphernalia, being physically smacked, kicked or knocked unconscious with little to no police presence, did they jump into action.

When a Howard University Journalism student from DC, Brittany S. McAlister, has not yet been arrested, after punching and kicking Trump supporters throughout the weekend, the outrage was felt all over the city. Note: she was not the only BLM/Antifa terrorizing families and young children, and elderly men and women who were there to support their President.

magaThe word “Antifa” is an oxymoron. The Antifa of America and around the world, ARE the very far LEFT “Fascist” they say they are against. They advocate for the overthrow of America as a Republic. And Southern Poverty Law Center is front and “center” in helping undermine the sovereignty of this Republic. SPLC has become multi- Millionaires, through courting and soliciting money from others who support the overthrown of our Constitution. Many of their monies are in off shore accounts. By labeling anyone and everyone as a “Militia” (not a bad thing) or a “Far right extremists,” including Grandmothers and Grandfathers, they deflect attention off themselves and their true agenda(s). Some of them were also in Washington DC and reporters knew whom they were.

Another university student from California “Sammy” Mendoza, is a political science major. He said that the fear the “BLM and ANTIFA” are trying to instill, may be only the beginning of what is to come, since these domestic terrorist, are paid, and flown and bused in by George Soros and his cohorts. Many are now aware that Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky’s dad, Edward, was a known criminal and that Marc Mezvinsky is the nephew of George Soros!

Sarah P. an Army Veteran, from the east coast, was riding her bike. She stated “We are losing our country and we must take it back, or forever come under Tyranny and dictatorship!”

Liz, and her husband Jason K. had left their teenagers to travel to the MAGA Rally. They were displaying Flags that symbolized their stand for freedom. One was the “Come and Take It” flag with the Spartan helmet. This not unlike the Patriot American’s that stood up to the British Redcoats at the Battles of Concord/Lexington.

Jason himself is a Veteran of the US Military, strongly and emphatically expressed with his wife the concerns of the world, their teenagers would be inheriting under the corrupt Deep State/NWO that both President Bushes had embraced years before.

Friday through Sunday, we witnessed and heard additional reports of people being attacked or chased, by these domestic terrorist, through the streets of Washington DC. We came across some who would walk up and try to engage, and we would say “God Bless You.” and in our groups move along with purpose, followed by a string of language and threats.

magaThroughout the night, we heard Sirens and police vehicles racing around the city. We were warned that after what we had witnessed during the daylight hours, with Antifa/BLM openly physically attacking Trump supporters, that it was best to monitor from within our hotel. Many of our patriots had gone to gather at Harry’s, but when the sun went down, more retreated into their hotels.

The city of DC was being held hostage and the police were doing all they could with limited numbers.

Sunday, we went to the #Walkaway Rally to meet and interview Brandon Straka. In the last two years, over a half million people have joined his grassroots movement. We met a Christian woman, Shermeka Michelle, who will not allow people to label or define who she is by her being a Black American. Just because you are Latino or black does not mean you ‘Have to vote Democrat!’

Prayer was a common denominator, emphasized throughout the weekend.

A large following of the LGBTQ populous have also left the liberal and/or the Far Left. They believe in freedom, family and the 2nd Amendment, and expressed at the Rally that they hold many of the core values and principals that our Founding Fathers expressed. Some stated that “All we have to do is Love and respect each other…” and work for a common good for all. (Mike L/Arizona).

There were many heterosexuals, Ranchers and Moms and families there supporting the message. Mr. Straka and his team and supporters believe in celebrating ones own individuality, and right to think for themselves, and even outside the box. He is refuses and opposes the attitudes of today’s liberals, and their following almost Hitler like the ‘lockstep’ march of yesteryear.

Many excellent speakers were at this rally including none other then musician “Ricky Rebel” who took the Music from the Village boys of “YMCA” and set that music to a MAGA theme with words that are meant to inspire, and motivate.

A quote from Brandon Straka, “Our core mission is to expose the Truth of the political left, and I am obsessed with this job.”.


“MAGGIE ROSE” (dnjs)
“The Concord Show” @ Revolution Radio


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