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Liberal Governors Election Responses: Covid 1984

The government does not OWN the holidays

Liberal Governors Election Responses: Covid 1984

Liberal Governors Election Responses: Covid 1984

by Shari Dovale

To make their point that they are all-in for the Biden/Harris administration, Liberal Governors throughout the country are setting their states and counties BACKWARDS on their Covid 1984 restrictions.

Though it has not been certified, and with many legal challenges pending, these Socialist governors are tired of waiting for election results, they are playing the hand that the propaganda media dealt for them.

Placing their knees on the necks of their citizens, liberal governors throughout the country – from both parties – are clamping down in preparation for the upcoming holidays, as if the government held ownership to these celebrations.

In addition to pushing a “virtual” Thanksgiving onto their citizens, and of course exempting the BLM “mostly peaceful” riots, some of the following changes have taken place this week:


Gov. Brad Little held a press conference on Friday to announce a rollback to Stage 2 for his state. Additionally, he has called up the National Guard (but only 100 members) to help with his plans.

You are allowed to go to restaurants, as long as you stay seated while eating. Political riots are allowed. Schools are fine, and can remain open for in person learning. Little made a point to say that most children are being infected in the community, not the classroom.


It wasn’t hard enough on Oregonians this past week as Gov. Kate Brown demanded that the state stop visits to long-term care facilities, reduce the capacity of indoor dining at restaurants to 50 people, and insist that all businesses mandate work from home. She also told them not to gather with people who do not live in their household, but if they do to limit it to six people. Citizens will have quite the puzzle wondering what large families will do with their excess children.

Now, Brown has decided to mandate a 2 week lockdown for the entire state. She is so concerned with this emergency that her 2 week period does not begin for nearly a week. That means it wont start until next Wednesday and it will take everyone clear through the Thanksgiving holidays. Virtual turkey, anyone?


At least 11 counties have rolled back their Covid restrictions to the strictest levels possible. Indoor dining will be suspended, capacity at gyms and theaters will be reduced and schools will have to wait to reopen.


Gov. Gary Herbert issued a statewide mask mandate, much to the displeasure of his citizens. He has also placed limits on social gatherings and extracurricular sports.


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has ordered her residents into lockdown, as well as other various restrictions. Businesses must be closed between 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM, and essential retail businesses, such as grocery stores, liquor stores and hardware stores, are limited to 25% capacity or 75 customers at one time, whichever is smaller.

Businesses won’t have to worry about reaching their new capacities, however, as the residents have been instructed to stay home, unless they need something essential, like a Covid test. We know all citizens will follow these strict orders given by their government gurus.

This lockdown will stay in place through Thanksgiving, until at least November 30th.

Additional states that have set new restrictions include:

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced he has extended the state’s mask mandate for another 30 days.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is threatening his residents as if they were spoiled children: Shape up in two weeks, or expect steps toward another shutdown

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz reduced capacity at bars and restaurants and set further limits on social gatherings. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 25 and indoor gatherings are set at 10.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced a mask mandate for many public gatherings.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has set multiple restrictions, including mandating telework and advising residents to avoid travel to and from a list of up to 43 states. Those traveling outside Maryland for an “essential reason” should be tested upon return, and quarantine while waiting for the result.

Massachusetts has issued a statewide curfew and expanded mask requirements, among their increased restrictions.

Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb was heard to use the same common excuse for these additional communist tactics placed on the citizens. “Unfortunately too many of us have let our guard down,” Holcomb said.

With the exceedingly harsh restraints placed upon the people in this country for more than half a year, it is not clear who is meant to have “let their guard down.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci is recommending masks at all Thanksgiving gatherings, which I am sure that every person in this country is sure to abide by.


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