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Decent Into Chaos by Pete Ketcham

We have now arrived at a place in the history of our nation not seen since the Civil War.


Decent Into Chaos

by Pete Ketcham

We have now arrived at a place in the history of our nation, never seen before, since the Civil War.

The rioting, burning, and looting we are seeing in the streets of major cities across this nation is unprecedented. There are major people and organizations that are prominent in this chaos, and the following are some of them.

The Rioters-Looters-Arsonists

These individuals are financed and organized nation-wide, many of which belong to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifia organizations. They are able to coordinate and integrate into planned local peaceful protests, basically using the protest as preliminary “cover” for later looting and burning activities. In the process of doing this they are able to excite and inspire many of the “peaceful” protesters to join them.

These organizations such as BLM and Antifia have been financed by many corporations and individuals that believe in fundamentally changing (destroying) our constitutional nation.

This nation-wide movement is composed of the criminal element (interested in the looting aspect), the young and naive (who have been propagandized by the education system), and the individuals who have been infused with raw hatred by the political left (primarily the Democratic Party).

The Police

It is now evident that the local police are unable to prevent these destructive riots. They stand in line and allow themselves to be insulted, spit on, and hit with bricks. In many instances their vehicles are burned, and their police headquarters attacked.

They arrest a few of the destructive rioters after the damage has been done, and In many cases the arrested rioter is booked, released, and back on the street the following night doing the same thing he/she was arrested for.

Yet, for the most part, the police are doing their best, but are subject to the illogical and ineffective directives of the liberal mayors and city councils, which requires them to “stand down” and not use effective measures that could control the rioters. In many cases, when they do arrest individuals, the city, county, and state prosecutors do not have time nor inclination to prosecute the individual, and they are turned free to continue their looting and burning.

Mayors & City Councils

Most of the cities that are impacted by these riots are governed by Democrats who have repeatedly demonstrated naivety and illogic in dealing with the riots, the looting, and the burning down of local businesses.

With their police force being overwhelmed by violent rioters, rather than increasing the police force, they illogically vote to decrease or abolish their police. They also refuse to bring in the National Guard or US Government to assist their police.

It is clearly evident that these liberal Democrat mayors and council members are completely over their heads, as demonstrated by the feckless mayor of Portland who has allowed (even supported to some extent) the rioters to create chaos night after night for over two months straight.

The Victims

No one has really stood up for the business people who have had their stores looted and burned. In many cases these small business owners and their families had all their resources tied up in their business, and now they are broke. These innocent merchants and home owners have not done one thing against these rioters to deserve the destruction of their property and livelihoods, and need to be protected by whatever means necessary.

The customers who relied on these business for their various needs are now denied the option to buy necessary items. A Walmart has recently been completely destroyed by broken windows, looting, and flooded by broken water pipes. It is sad to realize that thousands of people who relied on that Walmart for clothes, food, and many necessities are now denied the critical needs that store had provided.

The City Citizens

The general city population that is not in the immediate riot areas seem to be intimidated and silent, apparently hoping the riots don’t spread into their areas. There does not seem to be an aggressive movement to remove the incompetent city officials, nor form an organized movement to counter these unlawful rioters.

In many cases, they are just simply moving out and relocating in states and areas they feel safe in, where there have not been any riots or chaos.

But it remains, that the final consequence to the general population of these cities such as Portland, Seattle, New York, LA, and many others, is that they have elected these liberal incompetent mayors & council members (Democrats) decade after decade, and are now simply reaping the results of their stupidity.


it is obvious that this nation wide chaos and destruction can not go on unchecked if we are to live in a lawful and orderly constitutional nation, and if so, what solutions and options do we have to stop this chaos?

Thus far we have seen the use of tear gas, pepper spray, “rubber bullets”, and batons by police attempting to stop rioters before they burn and loot, but the crowds of rioters just keep coming on. Some city councils prohibit their police force from using any of these measures to control the rioters, and as noted before, require their police to “stand by” as the rioters loot and burn.

Thus, if the Democrat city councils and mayors continue to prevent the National Guard or US military from assisting local law enforcement, perhaps, a nationwide network of law abiding citizens could be formed that would be willing to provide a moving band of protection for the businesses and homes along the protest march route. This is not to be a counter protest movement, but a professional protection effort that would not engage with the looters if possible, but be capable and willing when necessary.

Regardless of what the future holds, these unlawful criminal felon looters and arsonist must be stopped, by one means or the other.

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2 Comments on Decent Into Chaos by Pete Ketcham

  1. Shouldn’t the title read ‘Descent into Chaos’?

    Also, perhaps Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, along with rural Oregon and Washington, should secede from USA and form their own state based on upholding European culture.

    I’d consider moving to such a country myself if it had decent welfare programmes but knowing the conservative sof those states, that would be very unlikely.

    • You know things a bad when Chaos can be Decent.

      The point about Welfare programs is not that they are bad persay…and some fall under the “Common Weal”…but the major facet is missing is WELFARE and INSURANCE programs can be private. It is government intervention that throws everything out of whack. Any “group” you belong too can engage in Welfare programs…and do so much more effeciently.

      And belonging to a “group” is a good thing…it breeds cooperation.

      What “group” would you belong to to replace Food Stamps, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security.?

      Like an early USA coin said, “Mind Your Business”. Leave government out of it.

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