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Wild Bill For America – The Desperation of the Damned

Wild Bill For America – The Desperation of the Damned


Why are the leftists so angry and malicious?

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2 Comments on Wild Bill For America – The Desperation of the Damned

  1. Need I quote Pastor Niemoller’s dire warning ?….But….”Maybe if I keep my head down and stay quiet, the crocodile will eat me last !”…That beast – rampant today in liberal cities like Seattle and Portland – plays no favorites in attacking Christians, or Jews, or Agnostics, but is at war against Judeo/Christian civilization itself…..The blessings of a free society have rested all too lightly on us..Certainly, as Wild Bill points out. the fat and complacent churches are coasting along, studiously ignoring an ideology bent on their destruction, and hoping the crocodile will eat them last..

  2. The desperation of the damned is strategic…it is a making of their own evil doing…but they think they are clever…and tactically there are so many Byzantine halls and corridors they think they can run and hide (New bizarre policies: QE2, Stimulus, UBI). Desperately they run thinking by getting to a hiding place they can escape from the consequences. Not realizing their hiding place is still in the palace of the damned.

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