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There is an Inexhaustible Supply

The source of this supply is the national indoctrination system, masquerading as the national education system

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Inexhaustible Supply

by Pete Ketcham

There is an inexhaustible supply of millions of new liberal/socialist/Marxist/godless citizens entering our national society every year. These individuals through the years have moved up into positions of influence and power in the news media, entertainment world, political world, high tech, education, and many other significant positions of influence.

The source of this supply (as you may have deduced) is the national indoctrination system, masquerading as the national education system. This is not a new phenomena, and has been ongoing for the last 55 years. This system produces approximately 3.2 million high school graduates, and 2.1 million collage graduates per year, with the majority having been indoctrinated with a contempt for this nation, and a complete disregard for God. This system becomes progressively more liberal with each generation of graduates who become teachers and professors.

The chaos we now see in the streets, the deception, corruption, and fraud that is rampant in our state and national government, is the logical result of this national indoctrination system.

Many wonder how this all came about, and who is responsible? The 60’s baby boomer generation of ‘free love”, “God is dead”, Woodstock, started and maintained this education takeover, but the harsh reality is, the God fearing conservatives are primarily responsible by their naivety and complacency during the preceding years in failing to see what was taking place in the education system.

Even though there is a “home schooling” movement by the Christians, there is not a significant nationwide effort by the conservatives to change our national education system (with it’s present anti-constitutional, anti-God curriculum) back to what it was prior to the takeover by the baby boomer generation. In fact there are still literally millions of conservative Christians today that seem content to send their children into this indoctrination system.

It is blatantly evident that this indoctrination system (masquerading as a national education system) is the source of everything the God-fearing conservatives are fighting against to save our constitutional nation, yet the conservatives continue to fight against the results of this system rather than the system itself.


All the preceding statements may be moot in light of the potential post election rioting, burning, looting, that may take place in major cities all across our nation, and the demonstrated inability of the police and National Guard to prevent it (Without the use of deadly force). In essence it seems to be to late to correct the blunders of the past concerning the education system, it is now out of control.

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