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The Democrats Demand A “Ministry of Truth”

This is one of the darkest threats that the Extremists have made to date.

The Democrats Demand A “Ministry of Truth”

The Democrats Demand A “Ministry of Truth”

by Shari Dovale

The Radical Extremists on the Left have allowed themselves be driven by their Hatred for Conservatives, and anyone that does not fully agree with their personal Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Marxist views.

Some have become so convinced that they are actually humanitarians, and their ideas are necessary for the good of the earth, that they are fully prepared to steal the upcoming presidential election to fulfill these warped conclusions of a perfect global community.

Others are only about vengeance.

Their current proposals include revenge tactics already being bandied about, such as the Orwellian idea of a Ministry of Truth, only this time being called a “truth and reconciliation commission”.

Chris Hayes, the scaremongering propagandist of the “Morons Spewing Nothing But Communism” (MSNBC) network, recently suggested that Covid-deniers should be dealt with through a “truth and reconciliation commission.”  This is just another way to say “Punish those that disagreed with me!”


As with the names of the other ministries in Oceania, the name Ministry of Truth means the opposite of what it says. If the Ministry of Love is the place of torture and hate, the Ministry of Truth is where lies are manufactured.


However, these hate-filled Leftists go even further. Former Clinton Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997,Robert Reich, has proposed retribution against every politician that he doesn’t like or agree with, in the form of this commission.

Reich thought he could justify his words when he responded to critics accusing him of promoting totalitarianism, by sending out a link to an article that he hoped would explain the history of truth and reconciliation commissions. However, he did not read the entire article, or he hoped no one else would read it, because embedded down in the article it states:

But the most recognizable standard became South Africa’s, when President Nelson Mandela mandated a painful and necessary Truth and Reconciliation Commission to resolve the scornful legacy of apartheid…

Others felt it fell short of its promise — benefiting the new government by legitimizing Mandela’s ANC and letting perpetrators off the hook by allowing so many go without punishment, and failing victims who never saw adequate compensation or true justice.

This shows that even their standard of a commission, that of Mandela’s, was not what the people were told it would be. It was just another tool to benefit those in power.

Yet the left will persist. They intend to punish everyone that does not agree with their communist principles. They want to hang Trump for not being a Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Marxist, and all of his supporters for the same reason.

This is one of the darkest threats that the Extremists have made to date.

They will try everything in their power to steal the election. They know that Sleepy Joe cannot win against President Trump, yet they cannot implement their Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Marxist regime without him.


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2 Comments on The Democrats Demand A “Ministry of Truth”

  1. The idea is scary and the logistics of implementing it make it dismissible in the extreme.

    Take one political news story…read it in English…read it in an Arabic translation…read it in a sampling of the Romance languages with their Male/Female influences, Spanish, French, German…read in in languages based on Ideographs like Chinese.

    Do you imagine there will be a high degree of fidelity to the political story’s “truth”?

    And that is just languages…I did not even mention Political, Ethnic or Religious persuasions/influences.

    Small government is best government…let the people at liberty to deal with other people as they will.

    “We say, Sir, and we say Ma’am…if you ain’t into that…we don’t give a d*mn.” – Hank Williams Jr.

  2. An innocuous title, isn’t it ? A “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”..Why not call it a Board of Reeducation, tasked with reforming those retrogrades who won’t kowtow to the Brave New World ?..What about those misguided souls who cling to their values and refuse reeducation ?.Depending upon how powerful such a Govt body might be, it could impose severe penalties on the retrogrades…or should we call them “Deplorables” ?….They are called “Social Credits” folks..implemented today in Communist China as a system of rewards/penalties…Toe the line…voice support for the regime…join in the Govt social programs…and you’ll earn high credits, and access to Govt controlled services…But !…Be marked as a retrograde with a low social credit score ?..Sorry, no driver’s license for you !..No Civil Service job….Not on the list for Govt housing programs…..Fired for expressing your retrograde views at work…..Amazing, isn’t it ? how blindly driven these Dem/Libs can be ?….But the time for talk and debate may be running out.

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