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The BIG LIE 2.0

They have developed a plan to force their Socialist candidate onto the American public.

The BIG LIE 2.0

The BIG LIE 2.0

Editorial by Shari Dovale

We all remember the predetermined outcome of the Presidential Election in 2016. Hillary was a given. Everyone had a hand in it, from the Democrats, to the Republican Swamp. From Main Stream Media to Social Media. They were all complicit.

But they forgot to count the American people, and how much they hated Socialism and Communism. Donald Trump was the choice to shut it down, and the people chose him to do just that.

The Left still have not understood what went wrong for them. They didn’t understand that Americans weren’t buying what they were selling. But, just like Obamacare, they still intend to force it on you.

They are trying to convince the country that they (the American public) are tired of Trump and are ready for Socialism. Again, they are living in the world of Orwell.

Sleepy Joe Biden is the Democrat nominee, with Kamala Harris as their choice of running mate. Harris had her own bite at the apple, but dropped out of the race in December 2019 because no one believed a word she was saying..

Harris spent her campaign pandering to whoever was listening to her at the time.

First she was for Medicare for All, and then she wasn’t. Is she in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana, or not? She easily flip-flopped on immigration and reporting arrests to ICE. Then, she was against the Death Penalty, now she is for it. Let’s not forget her stances on LGBT and Fracking. The list is the gift that keeps on giving.

She has lied repeatedly, to the point of being fact-checked by multiple sites, including left-wing democrat media sites.

The Far-Left Democrats did not want her, hence she dropped out of the primary race early, in December 2019. However, they also know that Biden cannot make it through four years as president, with his gaffes and more indicating the possible onset of Alzheimer’s.

They also know that good old Uncle Joe is not quite as pliable as they need him to be. Harris is much more like the clay they prefer in a candidate.

This is why they brought her back as Biden’s running mate. And you can be sure that it was not Biden’s decision. Look at the animosity that was between them during her campaign:

Harris vs. Biden showdown was most-watched Democratic primary debate in history

However, the Yuuuge Lie that is being revisited is the given that Trump will lose. The Radical Progressives believe they have it all locked up, just like they did with Hillary in 2016.

Even more so, they feel they have learned from their mistakes then, and have developed a plan to force their Socialist candidate onto the American public.

Trump has repeatedly stated that a mail-in ballot election will be filled with cheating. That is true, regardless of the extremist left trying to convince you otherwise.

Fox News: West Virginia mail carrier admits attempted election fraud
Real Clear Politics: 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections
PBS: California rejected 100,000 mail-in ballots because of mistakes
NY Post: Project Veritas uncovers ‘ballot harvesting fraud’ in Minnesota
NY Post: Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

With the excuse of the Covid 19(84) Coronavirus, they have set the stage to fraudulently take this election away from the American People. They have every intention of not allowing the American people a choice.

But the Essential Lie they have yet to admit to is how they will remove Sleepy Joe Biden and replace him with the more manageable Kamala Harris.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has already made plans to use the 25th Amendment to remove Joe Biden. She has specifically said that her promotion of a bill sponsored by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is “not about President Trump.” You can bet that Kamala will be supporting and promoting this bill in a heavy-handed way, as it is her only ticket to the Oval Office.

What could the results be from these Big Lies?

From the radical left media Politico:

Like a growing number of prominent American leaders and scholars, we are increasingly anxious that this country is headed toward the worst post-election crisis in a century and a half. Our biggest concern is that a disputed presidential election—especially if there are close contests in a few swing states, or if one candidate denounces the legitimacy of the process—could generate violence and bloodshed.

And from Counter-Currents:

By September 1st, the percentage of liberals condoning violence had risen by just three points. Still, at 33% this constitutes one third of all Dems. The more interesting result came from the Republicans, however. The percentage in question had risen to 36%, and for the first time, Republicans rated as more violence-approving than Dems.

Has the sleeping giant awakened?

The radical extremist leftwing of the Democrats have been pushing for a civil war, as many of them seem to believe that this may be the only way to accomplish their goals of Communism/Socialism.

The American public has seen this, and with the Big Lie they know is being perpetuated on them, they are ready. Both Left and Right know they must be prepared.

Watch your six.



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