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Stahl Admits To Wanting Hillary To Get Away With Crimes

Stahl admitted that when Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails it was an illegal act

Stahl Admits To Wanting Hillary To Get Away With Crimes
Stahl poses with her friend Hillary Clinton, via

Stahl Admits To Wanting Hillary To Get Away With Crimes

by Shari Dovale

Lesley Stahl has been working in Main Stream Media (MSM) since 1972. She has bragged on her getting hired by CBS as part of Affirmative Action, just because she was a woman, not because of her (lack of) qualifications.

Stahl credits her CBS News hire to the Federal Communications Commission’s 1972 inclusion of women in its affirmative action mandate: “the television networks were scouring the country for women and blacks with any news experience at all. A friend in New York had called to tell me about a memo floating around CBS News mandating that ‘the next reporter we hire will be a woman.'”

This is also seemingly confirmed by her not being as well thought of as other female journalists, as is evidenced by the network reducing her salary by $500,000/year when Katie Couric was hired.

When she was first hired by CBS, she was given the story of Watergate to cover. This should assure everyone that she is well versed on the necessity of reporting major Presidential-candidate scandals, especially during an election year.

However, even knowing how important the events surrounding the Hillary Clinton scandals, as well as the Joe and Hunter Biden scandals, are to the American public, Stahl chose not to do a full investigation on either Democrat party candidate. This is not because of any sense of fair play, as she still attacks any Republican, mostly President Donald Trump, whenever she has the opportunity.

How do we know that she is part of the Biased and Corrupt media? Besides her already notable history, she confirmed all of this partisanship this week when she interviewed President Trump and VP Pence for the CBS show, 60 minutes.

Stahl admitted during that interview that she knows Hillary Clinton broke the law, yet her only response was to ask why it was still an issue.

You can follow along with the interview through this transcript, provided by

During the interview with President Trump, the following exchange took place:

Donald Trump: (30:47)
Hillary Clinton deleted, she deleted 33,000 emails after she got a subpoena from the United States Congress.

Lesley Stahl: (30:54)
Why does that-

Donald Trump: (30:54)
No, no.
That’s illegal.

Lesley Stahl: (30:56)
I know, but [crosstalk 00:31:00].

Donald Trump: (30:56)
Why somebody doesn’t do something about it-

Lesley Stahl: (30:57)
But why is this still an issue?

Stahl admitted that she knew when Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after she got a subpoena from the United States Congress that it was an illegal act. Yet, she follows up with wondering why it is still an issue. Really? That is the response from a “journalist?” that has been covering Washington politics since Watergate?

Hillary Clinton has been involved with treasonous scandals for several years, yet Stahl is wondering why they are still issues? (What Difference At This Point Does It Make?) Stahl doesn’t seem to be worried about any illegal activity from any Democrat, yet she made her career on reporting scandals from Republicans.

Someone should ask her if this is considered Biased Media?

During her interview with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence this week for 60 minutes, Stahl made every attempt to help the Joe Biden campaign, yet she only came off as fulfilling the dumb-blonde stereotype.

The President gave 45 minutes of his time devoted to this interview. Stahl did not show any appreciation, or even basic courtesy, towards him. I applaud the President for his ability to put up with the nastiness of the Corrupt Media Hacks.

Stahl Admits To Wanting Hillary To Get Away With Crimes
Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with President Trump

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9 Comments on Stahl Admits To Wanting Hillary To Get Away With Crimes

  1. Lesley Stahl and Katie Couric are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), flagship of the globalist “liberal world order”, along with the Clintons and George Soros. CBS founder William Paley was also a CFR member. See lists at the CFR website.

  2. Thank you for this article. No way 60 Minutes airs that part where Lesley Stahl says, “I know” the deletion of Emails was illegal. No way. This interview will be selectively edited by 60 Minutes. Thank you for linking to the complete transcript and for posting this important portion of the interview because it would never become publicized if 60 Minutes had its way.

  3. “So what if I robbed a bank back in 2014 ?….What difference does it make now ?”…Try using this as a defense when they’ve nabbed you..

  4. Across the board, they don’t expect anyone to remember anything.

    When Hillary was being grilled at a Congressional hearing about Bengahzi she said, “Why does it matter, we just have to make sure it does not happen again.”

    Except, it had happened before. Our Embassy in Libya was overran in 1979, with Embassy personal spreading oil on the ground floor and dispersing tear gas. Only by a happy coincidence the staff escaped via a back route into the tail end of the mob, who DID hesitate whether to raise an alarm to the rest of the mob. But fortunately they did not. At the same time our Embassy in Pakistan was overran and three Americans killed…with many more very closely persevering and surviving.

    And how many of the Bengahzi attackers of 2011 had relatives who participated in the 1979 attack?

    So no, Ma’am, we don’t have to make sure it does not happen again, we have to make sure is does not happen a THIRD time.

  5. I just wish the rest of the Republicans had half the nuts President Trump has. These people would be in jail already.

    • Because of him, some of them seem to have found their nuts. Let’s see if they can keep them. (If you like your nuts, you can keep ’em.)

  6. I think it’s pretty clear by now that ALL of the MSM (and FBI and the rest of the Democrat Party) wanted Hillary to get away with crimes. And she did.

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