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SPORTS Endorsing Bonner County Sheriff Wheeler for Reelection

Daryl Wheeler is uniquely suited to keeping North Idaho a great place to live and recreate.

Sheriff Wheeler Takes The High Road

SPORTS Endorsing Bonner County Sheriff Wheeler for Reelection


Dear Bonner County citizens,

It is our distinct pleasure to endorse Bonner County Sheriff and SPORTS member Daryl Wheeler for reelection as Bonner County’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer – a Man of the People, a Disciple of the United State Constitution!

Blessed with impeccable training and experience not matched by any other active law enforcement professional in our pristine county, Daryl Wheeler, a man of integrity, is uniquely suited to keeping our North Idaho paradise a great place to live and recreate. No one knows this better than the law enforcement and firefighter veterans that comprise the superb membership of SPORTS.

Not only is Daryl the pick of peace officer veterans of urban jurisdictions in large population states with unequaled training and experience, but he is a man for all of the people of our pristine rural county, a believer and unyielding supporter of the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments to the Bill of Rights in particular, a Constitutional Sheriff to be sure.

Daryl’s opponent, an absurd non-entity in the world of credible, professional law enforcement, is not even worthy of name inclusion, a perfidious insult to the greater law enforcement community that defies rational thought and invokes rapturous laughter!
Safeguard your community, county, and ultimately your families, friends, and neighbors. Join the uniquely qualified SPORTS law enforcement veterans in voting for the reelection of Daryl Wheeler as Bonner County Sheriff!

Very truly yours,

Ron Adamik
SPORTS President


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