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Our Enemies Are Waiting


Our Enemies Are Waiting

by Pete Ketcham

Even though we are presently focused on the internal politics of our nation, which is indeed critical, our nation still has dangerous and capable enemies that wish to see us destroyed. These enemies are just biding their time until they believe they can strike us without severe retaliation to their own nation.

Of the many countries that would like to see us brought down, the most capable and dangerous are Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea (NK). The commonality among these four countries (in addition to their hatred of our nation) is their nuclear capabilities.

Russia and China have the unquestionable capabilities to deliver a nuclear weapon to our shores, while it is still questionable if NK and Iran can, but it must be noted that a missile is not the only way a nuclear attack can be initiated against our nation.

Another method is an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack. An EMP is the result of a low yield nuclear explosion at approximately 300 miles above the US, or lower, and can be delivered by an offshore freighter, submarine, IBM, or low orbit satellite. There is much more technical information available on the web concerning EMPs, but basically an EMP is capable of wiping out our entire power grid and most of our electronic capabilities. This type of attack if successful, would literally push us back into the 19th century where we as a nation are not capable of surviving.

Unfortunately, we have failed to “harden” (protect) our electric grid, and have become more vulnerable as we move deeper into electronic dependence for communications, transportation, factory production, food production, and many more areas of sustaining life

These hostile nations realize that we have retaliatory capabilities with our offshore nuclear subs that can direct nuclear missiles right into the capital of the aggressor nation if we lose the retaliatory ability of our land based assets. This is a very strong deterrent, yet there is the possibility that an aggressor nation could launch an EMP in such a secrete manner that it could be impossible for us to identify which nation launched the attack.


If we have a national disruption that evolves into some type of civil war, (because of the upcoming election results), one of our enemies may feel that this could be an opportunity to launch a EMP while we are distracted by major internal chaos .

And so, as we proceed ahead into this volatile upcoming presidential election, we must not lose sight of the danger that these hostile nations present as they observe our domestic turmoil.


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1 Comment on Our Enemies Are Waiting

  1. A nuclear bomb set off at 300 miles would also wipe out the majority of satellites. An EMP set off at 30 miles above the ground seems more tactically probable. Still, the logistics of setting off a nuclear bomb above ground when it could just continue on to ground level seems lacking in logic. EMP’s are a danger…but down the scale a little from real nuclear attacks.

    But that does bring up another point…the dissemination of information.

    The Emperor Chin destroyed all Chinese scrolls when he took power wiping out hundreds of years of written history. The Library of Alexandria was destroyed by Julius Caesar and more completely by Al-Saladin wiping out thousands of years of written history. The Spanish wiped out all Aztec Codex’s and Inca String libraries wiping out hundreds of years of history.

    But with the internet we have access to the greatest library the world has even known. Therefore to guard against descending into another age of darkness and ignorance…everyone should download as many “How To”, tech manuals, videos on how to do EVERYTHING…and store them on USB drives…and protect those USB drives from EMPs.

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