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Marxists Publish Candidate List for Washington Elections

Citizens need to pay attention to every vote!

Marxists Publish Candidate List for Washington Elections

Marxists Publish Candidate List for Washington Elections

by Shari Dovale

The Progressive Voters Guide has been published by Fuse Washington since 2008. They want your votes for all of their Socialist/Communist/Marxist friends in the progressive state and national elections.

They admit that all of their endorsements have at least one partner endorsement from their long list of Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Marxist partners.

What does it say about a candidate when they accept money and endorsements from a group?

If they took money from Republicans, they would be called right-wing.

If they took money from the Sierra Club, it would be repeated that they champion the environmentalists causes.

If they took money from a Socialist or Communist organization, they would be considered Communists and Marxists!

Some of the partners for this Socialist/Communist/Marxist Fuse WA, that are openly advocating for Communism in this country, include Planned Parenthood, SEIU, NOW, OneAmerica Votes, and the American Federation of Teachers.

We need to highlight the candidates that openly accept this Socialist/Communist/Marxist endorsement, and in many cases, their money as well. It is a given that Joe Biden and Jay Inslee top the list, as they are the most prominent candidates endorsed by the Communists in this country and Washington State.

It is also an expectation that anyone with a (D) behind their name is endorsed by these communists. However, there are some candidates that may have slithered past you unnoticed, and they might surprise you.

The most important races to look at are the “Non-partisan” races. These definitely need to be investigated:

Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Marxists will tell you that this position is “non-partisan” and hype that their candidate, Chris Reykdal, is just that. However, they talk about his challenger, Maia Espinoza, being a Republican. They also forgot to mention that those contributing to his campaign include:  Planned Parenthood, 48th District Democratic Organization, Microsoft, SEIU and WA Justice for All.

Vote: Maia Espinoza

State Supreme Court, Position #3

The Marxists are promoting Raquel Montoya-Lewis over Judge Dave Larson. Their diatribe will tell you that they do not like him because he has “a conservative judicial philosophy.” Yet, when they tell you that Montoya-Lewis has been an “advocate”, that is generally a euphemism for “activist” and something the general public does not like in their Justices.

Vote: Judge Dave Larson

Court of Appeals, Division Three, District One

Judge, Position #2

Tracy Arlene Staab is the Marxist’s darling for this position, running against Marshall Casey, a conservative candidate, which seems to be the only real objection these Marxists have to him. She is endorsed and partially funded by Fuse and their Marxists partners, and seems to be another activist judge. She is also funded by Unions and multiple various Law offices.


Casey is a well qualified conservative, with extensive experience in Constitutional law, property rights, and financial rights of citizens. His donations indicate mostly individual donations, rather than corporate sponsors.

Vote: Marshall Casey


Let’s not forget to pay attention to the referendum’s with which these these Marxists are involved:

Referendum #90

This is a horrible bill that would allow pornography to be taught in schools. During the debate, TVW had to apply a viewer’s warning to the program.

The explanatory statement for this measure was written by the Office of the Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, known for his Marxists leanings. Ferguson wrote the statement deliberately confusing to the public, with a ridiculous Flesch-Kincaid score, indicating that it could be very difficult for the public to understand.

Don’t be fooled. VOTE REJECTED on Referendum #90


Advisory Votes 32, 33, 34, 35

32 – plastic bags at all retail establishments
33 – heavy equipment rental tax
34 – taxing high grossing businesses
35 – increasing the B&O tax rate

These advisory votes are being promoted by the Marxists because they increase taxes on the citizens.


Don’t let the hype of these Marxists sway you from what is best for your community. Even these small elections and referendums are important. If the election is labeled “non-partisan”, don’t think the Marxists are not involved.

Citizens need to pay attention to every vote, and read between the lines, as these Progressive-Socialist-Communist-Marxists will take over every aspect of our country if we allow it.

Change is Needed in West Bonner School District


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