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I Endorse Representative Sage Dixon

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Photo Credit: Donna Capurso for Redoubt News.

I Endorse Representative Sage Dixon

What are the qualities one looks for in an elected Representative? I look for honesty and integrity to start with, the ability to communicate with constituents yet being able to handle the more difficult language of laws and bill writing. I look for someone who selflessly works for the people and not someone who only promotes themselves. I look for a person who is a Statesman not an activist and who understands how government works and can make government work for the people. I look for availability and accountability to the voters and someone who follows through and does what he says he will do.

All of these qualities I described above are part of the embodiment of Sage Dixon. As a County Commissioner, I have gotten to know Sage Dixon on a professional and personal level. It’s common to get phone calls or text messages from Sage when he’s on the floor debating new legislation and asking my opinion. He continues to work with the County during the times when session is out but his committee responsibilities are still on going.

I have come to know Sage Dixon as an incredible husband, father, friend and my Representative and I am both grateful and blessed by our friendship and professional relationship.

This is why I fully support and endorse Sage Dixon for reelection and I would encourage everyone to vote for Sage as well.

Dan McDonald

Bonner County Commissioner District #3
Sunnyside, Sandpoint ID.

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