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“I Began Now to Turn My Thoughts a Little to Public Affairs…”

Why would you let a tyrant into your CoS or Militia?


“I Began Now to Turn My Thoughts a Little to Public Affairs…”

Editorial by Boyd Evan White

There is a topic in a segment of the Patriot community, the Committee of Safety and Militia, that deserves careful discussion. That being, should Law Enforcement Officers be allowed to join? The general opinion is that they should not.

However, these are serious times and the topic deserves full, open and honest public discussion.

Defensively, if there were no police, who would be the CoS and Militia? Without guessing percentages or projecting motives, people who are in Law Enforcement do have an above average awareness, education and respect for Law and Order. If there were no police, (conceptually I have had this article in my mind for many years before the current shallow call to defund the police), the people in Law Enforcement would gravitate towards substitute organizations of Law and Order; one of those being CoS and Militia.

The being said, the current Law Enforcement field has a number of serious problems:

  1. 1) Shooting people dead when if the laws were different they would not have been doing anything overtly criminal. There is no do-overs with that.
  2. 2) Laws and quotas that are stupid but because of their job the police have to enforce.
  3. 3) Federal Reserve Notes. LEOs receive handsome incomes, satisfactory perks and pensions with those FRNs.

Sadly though, Statism has grown so much and is so unbalanced that the FRN is just plain ridiculous. Trillions missing, the Acceptable Amount of Public Debt abandoned, Stimuluses to prop up failed institutions and corporations, and the very real possibility of UBI. Not to mention the FRN is defined at 18 U.S. Code Section 8 as an obligation of the U.S.A. (“The term ‘obligation or other security of the United States’ includes all…, Federal Reserve notes,…”). The LEOs cannot own their FRNS; they can only control what they have.

But that is just an analysis of their personal relationship with the FRN. The public has to worry about the ability of Statists to use the FRN to build an internal army (weirdly I am getting flashes of Saruman from the Lord of the Rings) to herd the sheep…oops, I mean the people.

Don’t deny it. The stability of the FRN is on a one way track to hell. There is a probability another “monetary instrument” will take its place; there is a probability that it will crash and disappear. The point is, since the police’s wages and pensions are tied to the FRN they are on the same track. And they won’t be happy to be stiffed.

Supposed the worse happens. There is a segue to a new “monetary instrument”; but one that also sprouts more Statism. The LEO’s will be happy their livelihood and pensions are saved…but what about the increase of stupid central planning laws? Not to mention, that with the flip any current LEO who disagrees could be fired and lief others willing to do Saruman’s…I mean the State’s…volition hired.

Having, how shall we say, less than a satisfactory policing arrangement is not new. Consider this from Benjamin Franlin’s autobiography:

“I began now to turn my thoughts a little to public affairs, beginning, however, with small matters. The city watch was one of the first things that I conceiv’d to want regulation. It was managed by the constables of the respective wards in turn ; the constable warned a number of housekeepers to attend him for the night. Those who chose never to attend, paid him six shillings a year to be excus’d, which was suppos’d to be for hiring substitutes, but was, in reality, much more than was necessary for that purpose, and made the constableship a place of profit ; and the constable, for a little drink, often got such ragamuffins about him as a watch, that respect-able housekeepers did not choose to mix with. Walking the rounds, too, was often neglected, and most of the nights spent in tippling. I thereupon wrote a paper to be read in Junto, representing these irregularities, but insisting more particularly on the inequality of this six-shilling tax of the constables, respecting the circumstances of those who paid it, since a poor widow housekeeper, all whose property to be guarded by the watch did not perhaps exceed the value of fifty pounds, paid as much as the wealthiest merchant, who had thousands of pounds’ worth of goods in his stores.

On the whole, I proposed as a more effectual watch, the hiring of proper men to serve constantly in that business ; and as a more equitable way of supporting the charge, the levying a tax that should be proportion’d to the property….”

So, now we get the point where the question arises where non-compliance starts to become a duty and the LEO’s start to look like tyrants?

Why would you let a tyrant into your CoS or Militia? Prima facie, that does not sound like a good idea. But reality is deeper. There is the possibility of betrayal; there is the possibility of good intel. And there is the fact of hometown roots and familial relationships.

Just a side note, Militias in modern times are often reported and organized as sovereign entities. Militias should be subordinated under CoS’s. If the CoS’s say the time has come the Militia must tip its sword. Militias should not act on their own.

Examination, tough examination should at least be mandatory for inclusion into CoS and Militia.
And to demonstrate, there are no guarantees, Benedict Arnold and Dr. Benjamin Church held esteemed positions and they betrayed the American Cause.

To outright deny the premise of LEO’s should be allowed to petition for inclusion in CoS and Militia seems premature. I don’t want to use a word stronger than premature because I do not want to extend credit nor deny credit. But the idea is why would people interested in Law and Order deny access to others in the field of Law and Order?

There is another criteria that both sides won’t like; CoS, Militia and LEOs. And this is debt. If hard core is a standard a person’s personal debt is an EXTREME vulnerability. It can turn just about anyone indebted into a betrayer.

How many indebted Patriots have betrayed? How many LEO’s have exorbitant debts?

Being indebted is more a mark against someone’s character than being an LEO.


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