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FEC Complaint Against Facebook Alleges Election Interference

There is ample evidence that Facebook intends to embroil themselves in elections around the world.

FEC Complaint Against Facebook Alleges Election Interference

FEC Complaint Against Facebook Alleges Election Interference

by Shari Dovale

Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Journalist John Crump have filed an FEC complaint against Facebook, AFP, and the Biden/Harris campaign. The Complaint alleges foreign election interference and multiple violations of campaign finance law.

Mark Zuckerberg testified to Congress in 2018 concerning the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and said,

This is a massive focus for us to make sure we’re dialed in for not only the 2018 elections in the U.S., but the Indian elections, the Brazilian elections, and a number of other elections that are going on this year that are really important.”

Zuckerberg also testified that the only speech Facebook targets for deletion is speech advocating hate, violence and terrorism, but not political speech.

However, multiple whistle-blowers have come forward to dispute that claim.

One of the whistle-blowers, while talking to Project Veritas, said that he could no longer ignore the suppression of Facebook content that supported President Donald Trump, Republican causes or the conservative agenda.

With the testimony that Zuckerberg gave, as well as what the former employees have brought forward, this suggests that there is ample evidence that Facebook intends to embroil themselves in elections around the world. Another way to describe this might be “Election Interference”.

Facebook has taken an active role in countering what they describe as “misinformation” or Fake News. It currently employs multiple “fact-checkers” from across the globe to counter any content of which they disapprove.

This includes articles against their favorite liberal candidates, such as Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris. The latest chapter in this saga begins just after the announcement of her as Biden’s running mate.

On August 11, 2020, Cam Edwards wrote an excellent article for entitled “Kamala Harris Doesn’t Think You Have The Right To Own A Gun”. Edwards based this article on a January 11, 2008 amicus brief filed in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, which Harris signed onto as District Attorney for San Francisco, and of course, which she lost.

Basically, Edwards article outlined what the brief argued, which was that Americans didn’t have an individual right to possess a firearm that is in common use, turning a right of the people into a privilege to be exercised by a chosen few. It then went on to detail, through other examples, how we know that Harris is still opposed to our right to keep and bear arms.

Facebook partner AFP Fact Check quickly flagged this article as false and wrote it’s own article in favor of Harris, here.

Journalist John Crump became involved about a week later, as he was researching an article for During his research, he sent Facebook this request:

I am writing in article for AmmoLand News and under deadline. The AFP have been marking accurate articles on firearms as false. For example any article the talks about Kamala Harris’s amicus brief in the Heller SCOTUS case is being marked as false, yet these articles are easily verifiable. This leads me to my question. Why does Facebook allow the AFP to keep marking articles as false when a quick Google search would turn up the amicus brief? Attached are some examples.

Crump also posted the URL to the amicus brief (with no commentary, just the URL address). That post was also flagged as False News.

This caused his personal account at Facebook to be banned forever.

That is when GOA and Crump decided to fight this bias, by filing a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission. They are alleging, among other things, that Facebook has recruited an agent of a European government to control which messages about U.S. elections may be heard, and which should be suppressed.

AFP Fact Check’s international credentials are highly problematic when it comes to U.S. elections, where FECA is designed to ensure that American elections are decided by Americans — not foreigners

AFP is a legally registered press agency which has a unique status of autonomous organization under French law.” In other words, AFP Fact Check is a division of the AFP. AFP, in turn, has a long and storied history as a quasi-governmental entity. In 1957, the French Parliament through legislation purported to establish AFP as an “autonomous civil entity,” yet its mission statement has been established by law, it is funded in part by the French government, and the composition of its 8-member “higher council” (something of an advisory board) is comprised of a majority (5 of 8) of French government agents

That would identify AFP as an agent of this foreign government. This is who Zuckerberg has partnered with to control content concerning our Federal elections!

Documents have just this week been declassified proving that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton came up with a scheme to link Donald Trump to a fake Russian scandal. This was designed to distract the American public over her illegal email server and her destruction of over 33,000 emails.

That scandal took years to get through and included an impeachment that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. All because this Democrat candidate was trying to hide her illegal activities.

Now, Facebook has placed itself on a Ministry-of-Truth pedestal. They want everyone to believe only what they decide to tell them, regardless of whether or not it is the truth. They are helping their preferred candidates, and their own biased liberal agenda. And they are doing all of this with complete disregard for Federal Election Law.

To help a foreign government to interfere with our elections raises this to a level that eclipses the plans for “Russia-gate”

Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971

Also known as FECA, the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 regulates political campaign spending and fundraising. In 1974, the act was amended to place legal limits on the campaign contributions and expenditures. The 1974 amendments also created the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Stay tuned for more to this story….


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