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Dixon Deserves Your Vote

The Idaho General Election is on November 3, 2020.


Rep. Sage Dixon Deserves Your Vote

Do you want a representative who respects and considers the opinions of his constituents? Do you want a representative who is well-respected by his colleagues and who does his job effectively and without any fanfare? And do you want a representative who stands firmly in support of our constitution and our rights?

If your answer to those questions is yes, then you already have a representative that fits that bill: Rep. Sage Dixon.

As your District 1-B representative, Rep. Dixon has never wavered in his defense of our constitution, our unalienable rights to free speech and assembly, our nonnegotiable right to self-defense, and with the people of his district regardless of political affiliation. Further, he’s worked to reduce property taxes, to eliminate the unfair grocery tax, and has worked to secure funding for area schools.

And Rep. Dixon promises to keep working just as hard should he have the privilege of remaining your District 1-B representative.

For these reasons and beyond, I ask that you cast your November 3rd election ballot for Rep. Sage Dixon.


Lisa Keseloff
Sandpoint, ID


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