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A Facet of American Life that is Curiously not Discussed

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A Facet of American Life that is Curiously not Discussed

Editorial by Boyd Evan White

There is a facet of American life that is curiously not discussed. And it is important to understand. It has wide ranging implications from how you choose to live and conversely to the anti-corporation Antifa.

Corporations, and their charters, have been a driving influence for European expansion; moreover, they are also a medium for static embedded cities and towns.

Many of the original thirteen colonies were established by European corporate charters.

Then there is this item that did not make into the final draft of the USA Constitution:
Federal Convention 1787
Monday, August 20. In Convention
“The U.S. shall be for ever considered as one Body corporate and politic in law, and entitled to all the rights and privileges and immunities, which to Bodies corporate do or ought to appertain.”
Why did in it not make into the final draft?
1) The framers dismissed it because they did not want to incorporate the USA.
2) The framers thought the Constitution was so self evident in its incorporated aspect that to specifically state would cause undo concern or attention.

That brings us to American cities which have been incorporated. They are not random centers of buildings and people. They are mini-corporations.

And one of the guiding premises of corporations is to be efficient at what they do.
Who would incorporate at a loss?

If you live in an incorporated city or town it is important to understand what boundaries you are living in. To a certain extent corporations are not entirely free but that is because they have an objective. Within their jurisdiction they want to provide good things for an equitable price.

Water, roads, police protection and more. That is another important point to understand about police forces within an incorporated entity; they are more than just an authoritarian presence; they are specifically to protect the incorporation in its objective.

That is a decision point for every American. To live within the boundaries of an incorporation or not.

And this is not derogatory in any means against incorporated places. They by far and away have “things”. And people need, want and desire things.

The ideas during the American Revolution of “Non-Importation” and “Non-Consumption” Acts were really really good ideas. But they did not work…because people need, want and desire things. The idea is good against countries in the modern era that are antithetical to the American way of life…but those ideas would probably fail for the same reason.

Looking at Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, which are surely incorporated, what sense does it make to let anti-corporation Antifa destroy things within their jurisdiction? Have these and other cities abandoned their incorporations? Have the leaders abandoned the objective of what incorporated status means?…to make life better within their jurisdiction for a price?

Making life better is not a bad thing.

Those who live in incorporate cities and have nice roads to travel on, water available at the turn of a tap, food supplies available just by going to a store and more…have a lot to be thankful for.

As do those who live outside incorporated cities…every time they go to town they should tip their hat and say, “Thank you for being here.”

Yes, there are some global corporations that engage in shady practices that cause real harm. Yes, that should be protested and action taken against. But there is something missing in the analysis when the protests destroy things in cities and town under the excuse the global corporations are doing wrong…not to mention the idiocy of the protestors using and wearing items of the global corporations…when the cities and town are themselves incorporations.

But therein a hard eye squints; maybe these are not First Amendment protests in these cities and towns. Maybe deep down these ARE anti-corporation rebellions against incorporated cities and towns themselves. And all the treason that implies since incorporation is legitimate and honorable.

On another angle, since good ideas are good ideas, what about this one from the Communists in their Plank #9:
“Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.”

Where do you here any Communist, Socialist or Anarchist espouse that. It sounds like a really good idea considering how much crime occurs around clustered populaces. Spread out and give people some breathing room. Yes, it does take some maturity to inculcate that, hard work to hold your place is one of those tempering aspects of maturity.
And herein lies the rub, modern Communists/Socialists/Anarchists are for herding people into Sustainable Zones using United Nations Agendas. (Apologies to any Communist/Socialist/Anarchist who is not of this persuasion, surely you all can’t be stupid and there is plenty of reason to hope, maybe a vain hope, some you are not stupid.) So how are these Sustainable Zones to be governed? By a real incorporated status or one close enough but just called by another name? Are you Antifa’s going to rebel against that?

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