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More Proof of Facebook Propaganda

Fakebook labels everything they do not like to be false, dangerous or hate speech, etc.

Proof of Facebook Propaganda

More Proof of Facebook Propaganda

by Shari Dovale

FakeBook has put itself up as the world’s authority on what is true and what is false. They have “partnered” with Liberal Media sites to push their Communist agenda, and take down any posting, meme, comment page or account that goes against this agenda. Specifically, they take down Conservatives.

They use various methods to remove conservatives from their social media platform, including labeling everything they do not like to be false, dangerous or hate speech, etc.

Due to their immense hatred of all things conservative, President Trump, and all Trump supporters, if you are not a “Never Trump-er”, you are in danger of being removed, or banned, by the Commies at Facebook.

To prove their bias, all you need to do is look at the list of Antifa pages still allowed on Facebook: Facebook Antifa Pages

Their partners have taken this mandate so seriously, that they are now looking silly over the grasping-at-straws reasons they have to “flag” posts.

Let’s look at their latest example: A meme showing Donald Trump after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York.

Proof of Facebook Propaganda

Facebook Partner PolitiFact wrote an article on this meme to call it “Partly False”.

This implies that they have found something inherently and blatantly incorrect, and meant to mislead or deceive people.

When you go through the article, they admit that Trump was at the site of Ground Zero on the day of the event, as well as 2 days later. However, since the photo used was taken 7 days after the event, in front of the Stock Exchange, that was enough reason to claim the meme as being partly false.

Additionally, they admit that Trump talked repeatedly about sending hundreds of people to the site to help with search and rescue, with no Media questioning him at the time, or in the years since. However, they cannot (or will not) personally verify that he paid these people, therefore they rule it “Unclear”. In the Newspeak of Facebook, that means False. In the real world, it actually means: True!

So, are they saying is that they must personally vouch for everything in a “meme” before they will allow it to go through as True?

No, what they are really saying is that they want you to believe that they are the only source that you have available to you, and they want you to vote for Joe Biden.

I am rating them as False!


No Worries, we got this.

(All Photos below are courtesy of Facebook)

Proof of Facebook Propaganda Proof of Facebook Propaganda



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