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Evolution – From Political Party to Terrorist Organization

The Democrat party has now evolved from a traditional constitutional political party to a political terrorist organization.

Evolution - From Political Party to Terrorist Organization

Evolution – From Political Party to Terrorist Organization

by Pete Ketcham


We have all been witnessing the violence and destruction across our cities these past four years, which has accelerated this last year. Many of us knew that the Democrats tacitly approved and encouraged this violent anarchy, but it became clearly evident Thursday night that this was not tacit approval, but an organized tactic of the corrupt Democrat Party as mobs attacked numerous high profile Republican attendees of the RNC in Washington DC on Thursday night.

The Democrat party has now evolved from a traditional constitutional political party to a political terrorist organization.

History of Corruption

Although we as a nation were “going downhill” for quite sometime, we went “off the cliff” when the two Clintons took control of our nation and injected the cancer of corruption into the national Democrat party in 1993. These two degenerate immoral individuals had eight long years to infuse the Democrat Party with corruption that ran from the top to the bottom of it’s structure.

This cancer of corruption went into somewhat of a remission in 2001 when George Bush became President, but was reinvigorated when Barack Insane Obama became president in 2009. Obama had eight long years to subtlety complete the change of the Democrat party into the corrupt political terrorist organization we see to day, in essence he finished the work the Clintons had started.

The Structure

This Democrat terrorist organization is composed of three primary entities, and a brief description follows:

  1. The Political entity. It is composed of corrupt individuals that run for and hold political offices throughout the nation. In the process of gaining and holding office they use the tactics of lies, deception, and fraud. They enact laws and policies that are illogical, unethical, and basically harmful to the citizens they have jurisdiction over. Their major current fraudulent tactic is to blame Trump for all the violent anarchy taking place in our nation today.
  2. The Propaganda entity. This entity is composed of liberal news agencies such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and others. Their responsibility in this Democrat terrorist organization is to misinform the general public on all political issues, especially by perpetuating false news that enhances the image of corrupt Democrat politicians ( and liberal celebrities), and degrades the image of Republican politicians (and conservative celebrities). And like the political entity, they also blame Trump for all the violent anarchy taking place in our nation today.
  3. The Anarchy entity. This entity functions under various titles such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Antifa” , and other individuals who are directed by paid organizers. Their primary responsibility is to terrorize the general public by attacking police, burning down buildings, robbing business, and physically harming individuals who are not part of their group. These anarchy activities are mostly conducted in cities and states where the governors and mayors are members of the political terrorist organization known as the Democrat Party.

No Longer Peaceful Transitions

It should be noted that one of the basic, if not the most basic function that has allowed this nation/republic to survive through the last 240 years was the peaceful transfer of power through an honest election process. Without this process, it is impossible to continue on as a constitutional republic.

Unfortunately, it became evident that during the 2016 presidential election, this political terrorist organization known as the Democrat Party attempted to corrupt this process in order to win the election, but were not successful. In light of the failed attempt to win that election, they are now determined to terminate the peaceful election process of this upcoming presidential election by the full on efforts of all three entities of their organization.


We can no longer look upon, nor deal with the Democratic Party as a legitimate opposition political party, but must realize they have evolved into a political terrorist organization, who’s terrorist activities will continue and become more aggressive.

Thus, we have now reached a point in our nation’s history, where, if this Democrat Terrorist Party is not neutralized, they will complete the destruction of the constitutional process that has sustained our nation since it’s inception.



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9 Comments on Evolution – From Political Party to Terrorist Organization

  1. All true.
    The question is, if the Government does not act to end this corruption swiftly and harshly, how long do we wait?
    If we wait too long, the country is gone. If we dont, then we have Civil War 2 on our hands.

  2. You left out the 4th entity, the Education Entity. This entity exists between the 1st and 2nd entities. This entity has existed first through Universities. With time, the students became teachers and professors and the entity grew. It supplied the personnel for the other entities allowing them to grow enough that the current actions are now possible. Without it the other 2 entities would not exist.

  3. For the Republican party, silence IS violence…….to the Constitution, liberty and our individual freedom itself…..

  4. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for GOOD nen to do nothing.The”other party”hasn’t exactly been a keeper of liberty!You can blame one side, but if you don’t take any responsibility for your own part in any situation,you’ll never fix it.”Our”Americam government is infiltrated by leftist idealogues that neither”side”will do anything about ,not following the law in the is the corruption,giving yourself the COVER of law is also corruption!The democrats will cut your head off, the republicans will hand them the sword……

  5. “The Democrat party has now evolved from a traditional constitutional political party to a political terrorist organization”. You forgot to add, “And it appears that no one in the United States Government is willing to do anything to fix this situation”. You’re welcome.

  6. In no way is the corrupt Democrat Party “liberal” which implies freedom-mindedness other than that they are free of self discipline and conscience and character. They have no virtue and they have no regard for virtue. They are free of any regard for the truth, such that their speech is a sewer of lies. While there are still some individual exceptions to this generalization, those persons are becoming ever more rare in that terrorist organization of a party. Joe Biden is not among those exceptions.

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