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Climate Change: What Do They Really Believe?

To blame the forest fires on climate change is to willfully ignore the science.

Climate Change: What Do They Really Believe?
A firefighter runs after trying to save a home in Lakeport, California, suffering its biggest fires ever. AP Photo/Noah Berger

Climate Change: What Do They Really Believe?

by Jeremy Conlin 

Do you remember when the Governors of California, Oregon and Washington emphasized that they followed the science and criticized President Trump for acting like a dictator? Well, when the pressure of another man-made threat hits close to home, they run from their own responsibility and throw the blame at something that cannot respond – Nature. Every one knows that the climate always changes, even if very slowly. To blame the forest fires on climate change is to willfully ignore the science.

On KATU2 TV, on 9-11-20, Professor John Bailey, Oregon State University College of Forestry, stated: “Throughout the Pacific Northwest, there’s been a slowdown in active land management, and that’s what allowed a lot of these fuels to accumulate.”

In The American Thinker, 9-11-2020, “Funny How Global Warming Hovers the Globe – But Only Lands in California (by Monica Showalter), Craig Clements, Ph.D., Director, San Jose State University Fire Weather Research Lab, stated that the number one reason for the increased incidence of California fires is “Forest ‘Fuel Loads’ Are High” due to 100 years of poor forest policy. In the same article, Cal State scientists stated that 95% of fires are caused by people. Similar scientific findings can be found in Roy Spencer’s “Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People”.

People who think they are the smartest people in the room may hurl ad hominems at the scientists, and will be as deceitful as the Governors. Let’s pray our Governor is honest.

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