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Violent Marxists Terrorists Commit Murder in Portland

They want to destroy all that you love and care about.

Violent Marxists Terrorists Commit Murder in Portland

Violent Marxists Terrorists Commit Murder in Portland

by Shari Dovale

Saturday night showed the true colors of the Marxists Commies that are trying to take over our Country.

Rioters have been violent in that city for over 90 days and it has finally claimed the life of a good Patriot, Jay Bishop.

During the onslaught of the Communist sympathizers, Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson was in danger from these violent, radical left-wing militants. His friend Jay Bishop tried to help him escape by taking Gibson’s hat and distracting the Marxists.


We stand with you Joey… we all thank God you are safe. The attempted assassination of my friend Joey Gibson tonight by…

Posted by Matthew Shea on Saturday, August 29, 2020


These dangerous thugs were attempting to assassinate Joey Gibson. When they mistook Bishop for the Patriot Prayer leader, they shot him in cold blood as they had intended to do to Gibson.

The first reports of the shooting came from the Antifa Fake-Journalists that claimed good conservatives had shot a black man. This proved to be a lie that was designed only to stir up the masses for more brutality. The story was picked up by multiple Fake News Media, also known as Main Stream Media.

When the truth finally came to light, and the world heard that this good patriot, Jay Bishop, had been murdered, the Commies started celebrating on Twitter and other social media. They claimed that his murder was justified because of the violence in Kenosha, and the Jacob Blake shooting.

The evidence of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin is still being investigated. If the police did anything wrong, they will be held accountable. The justice system must be allowed to work the way it was designed.

The violence that the Radical Left is demanding in their rampage around the country has reached a milestone in Portland. But they do not want to stop there. These violent criminals want to come to every town, every community, and destroy everything that is good in this country.

They want to come to Your Backyard and destroy all that you love and care about. Don’t let that happen! You must stand up for yourself and be counted. Be prepared for more unrest as the election-they-dont-want-to-take-place draws near.

The Left-Wing extremists don’t want the truth to come out, not about Kenosha or anything else. They want vigilantism. They want destruction. They want murder and mayhem. They want Communism!

This cannot happen in our Country.


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3 Comments on Violent Marxists Terrorists Commit Murder in Portland

  1. GSB isright. We need to eradicate all communists in every aspect of American life. These parasites are not worthy to be called American. They have labeled themselves, so it will not be difficult to find and eradicate them. They will do the same to real atriotic Americansbifbtheyvare given power again. After President Trumps landslide. We start by charging Obama and his henchmen and hencewomen with sedition. Watch the rats start to jump ship then.

    • Agreed, but what does eradication really mean? Consider how much that philosophy has become engrained:

      1) The 8 hour work day and 40 hour work week was a Communist platform in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Not that a lot of people don’t work more than those hours; a lot of people do…especially Civil Servants use that baseline.
      2) Our Monetary system more resembles Communist Plank #5 than the USA’s Mint Act of 1792. “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.” – Communist Plank #5
      3) Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Welfare, HUD Housing. All social schemes managed by the government.

      …and more probably…this is just an observation to add to the conversation.

  2. There is only one way out of this situation. We will have to root out and neutralize every last one of these communist scumbags. Hollywood, academia, politicians, civilian terrrorists, deep state, corporate leaders, sports leagues and everywhere else they reside.

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