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Trigger Warning – Guests Brian Stout and Jeff Goodman


Trigger Warning – Guests Brian Stout and Jeff Goodman


Reporting from behind the wire on the ‘Left Coast’ this is Chris Brumbles with guests Brian Stout and Jeff Goodman

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1 Comment on Trigger Warning – Guests Brian Stout and Jeff Goodman

  1. Glad to see you have apparently figured out the REPs in Oregon are not who or what they claim to be. Many now see the illegal and fraudulent voting mechanisms I have spoken of for what they are as the DEMs will try to steal the election and or create legal issues that congress will screw up in their favor as another way to steal the election !

    The only thing that will ever save us is how we THINK and then act on it ! If we do not act on it, none of it means diddly squat.

    I totally support and appreciate the OKs and 3% purpose, intentions and mission statements. But some of the people involved are just plain con artist and simply trying to use those orgs for their own advancement and name recognition. Not unlike Stewarts trips that devastated OKs a few years back.

    The virus sham is and always has been a scheme and control mechanism no better or worse than any other virus we have lived with for ever ! And how is it possible Antifa/BLM are allowed to riot and burn, destroy and attack people yet you cannot open your gymn, hair salon, restaurant or other business nation wide ? All the while police stand down and watch it all happen. The CV is a tool used aganst all of us and the testing and reporting are 100% bogus to ramp up the numbers and keep the sham alive to force the vaccines on YOU ! And yes all of these issues are 100% interconnected to be used as weapons against all of us.—.html—.html

    Good interviews !

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