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The Sandpoint Mayor Should Resign

The Sandpoint Mayor Should Resign

At Wednesday’s city council meeting, the Sandpoint Mayor attended while SICK, and unmasked the majority of the time, while attempting to impose a forced mask mandate on all of Sandpoint, and those within a five-mile radius outside its city limits, with the threat of heavy fines and jail time for non-compliance.

It doesn’t get much more hypocritical.

Mind you, this mayor has shown contempt for area residents who think differently than he, while standing with those currently tearing at the very foundations of America: Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two Marxist, police-demonizing organizations who have for months terrorized the people of our nation who have the misfortune of living in cities where they are left unarmed, and with de-funded police. Imagine Sandpoint’s fate if its mayor managed to impose similar Draconian gun control here. (Fun fact: hypocritically, post-meeting the mayor enjoyed a police escort to his vehicle.)

Further, the would-be mask mandate—proposed by a city council person who’s shown an alarming propensity for authoritarianism—was attempted without a true health emergency.

It’s the last straw.

I respectfully, and adamantly, call for the mayor’s resignation. Sandpoint, and the surrounding area residents whose lives would have also been impacted by a mandate from those they had no part in electing, deserve better.

Step down, Mr. Rognstad; it’s time for the divisiveness and rabid partisanship to cease, and it’s you who’s at its root.

Jodi Giddings


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