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The Church Must Vote or the US Will be Lost Forever

The Political Church with Lady Liberty is the call to God's Christian Church to walk their faith where the battle is being waged

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The Political Church With Lady Liberty: Episode 13

The Church Must Vote or the US Will be Lost Forever


“The Political Church with Lady Liberty” is the call to God’s Christian Church to walk their faith where the battle is being waged right now- in politics and American Government! Now more than ever in American History, the church needs to engage and fight to keep God in America and in our political and governmental institutions, as the goal of our communist enemies is “To dethrone God and destroy Capitalism”.

The two greatest Commandments are to Love God and to love your brother as yourself. This broadcast describes how to apply those two concepts in politics and government. The USA is, afterall, “One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all!”

So please join me as we continue our political and governmental coverage of today’s events, with the Christian action perspective, calling each and everyone of you to walk your faith and help to defend God and Jesus Christ in the USA.

God Bless America!

Lady Liberty

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1 Comment on The Church Must Vote or the US Will be Lost Forever

  1. “We don’t do politics” has been the happy refrain of most American Pastors and Ministers, their church serving as a refuge and solace from worldly strife. Churches like Grace Community, Godspeak Cavalry and United Church of Christ have, up till now, prospered under the so called “Separation of church and state”. assuming that if they held to a nonpartisan atmosphere in their affairs, that Govt would honor it’s side of the separation and leave them alone….Not so, as the churches here in California are finding out, with a Socialist/Communist Governor targeting them for oblivion…The pretext has been a Pandemic, more accurately called a Dempanic, serving empower health authorities and weaponize their restrictions on religious gatherings….It’s been a rude wake up call for Pastors such as John MacArthur of Grace Community, as he’s found that CaGov will not be placated by any reasonable CV precautions, but instead has tightened a noose of ever more onerous restriction….MacArthur has fought back, securing some relief through court injunctions, but hostile actions such as cutting off power and water to his church are in the offing….Outright defiance and civil disobedience may be his last recourse – to continue services at all hazards…If Grace Community or other Ca churches will stand, if Grace Community will ACT in faith..they’ll merit all the support we can

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