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Radical Leftist Media Plays to the Communist Crowd

This is typical Radical Left extremist editorializing

Radical Leftist Media Plays to the Communist Crowd

Radical Leftist Media Plays to the Communist Crowd

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” ~ James 4:17

Editorial by Shari Dovale

I don’t normally respond to Left-Wing Extremists articles by the Biased Main Stream Media (MSM), but I occasionally make exceptions.

The Editorial Board of the Idaho Statesman recently published their opinions in an article titled: Vigilante shooting is a warning to Idaho about militias as ‘protectors’

The shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin was the excuse they needed to reflect on the good people of Idaho standing up and protecting themselves and their neighbors, however, the editorial board missed the mark by a long-shot.

Using a riot that took place nearly 2,000 miles away, they decided this was enough of an excuse to call law abiding Idahoans “vigilantes”. I guess they would rather see Antifa and Communists sympathizers riot in the streets of Idaho than have peace in our state.

They deliberately try to confuse by describing rioters as “protesters” and want to convince you that the wanton destruction that these riots have brought throughout the country this summer should be acceptable in Idaho.

It is not acceptable, and I applaud the citizens for standing up against the violence of the Liberal Left Marxists, and standing for their neighbors to keep Idaho safe.

In their attempts to scare the public, they use terms like “Brandishing rifles” instead of explaining that it is the legal right of these good people to open carry firearms in this state.

The mayor and City Council members described their armed presence as potentially “reassuring.”

But now we see the fruits of that misguided policy: It’s straight-up vigilantism, and we cannot tolerate or accept it, let alone welcome it as “reassuring.”

Yes, they are showing their full Marxist roots and Communists inclinations as they whine and complain that the people are not giving in to the violence that is sure to come with these riots.

They are careful not to give the reader all of the details that are known about the shooting in Kenosha, such as the fact that Jacob Blake had a knife in his possession, or that the police tried to stop him with a taser, yet it did not have any effect on him.

Preliminary Evidence Suggests Jacob Blake Shooting was Justified

DOJ: Jacob Blake had knife when officers tried to arrest him

Jacob Blake seen struggling with officers before being shot, new video shows

No, the truth does not fit their narrative, so it must be diluted, as is the norm for the Biased Media.

Then, they attempt to vilify a 17 year old boy, without looking at any evidence at all. Again, if it does not fit their narrative, they will ignore it. The entire goal of this editorial was to stir up the masses, cause anger and fear with the people, and justify their Marxist agenda of disarming the good people of Idaho.

Let’s not forget how they include the conservative news commentators for not reporting the story the way the Left-Wing Extremists demand it.

This is typical Radical Left extremist editorializing, and all about their gun control agenda and bringing Communism to the United States. Militias are specifically mentioned in the US Constitution, as well as the Idaho Constitution, for a reason.  It would benefit the editorial board if they spent a little more time studying the Constitutions and a little less time dreaming about a Socialist Society.

How will they justify the murder of Jay Bishop in Portland? Will that be acceptable to them as payback for Kenosha? Or will they call the violence of the Radical Left for what it is?

It is nice to know that the good people of Idaho have seen through this tripe and continue on with their protection of our state.

I, for one, feel much safer when these good Patriots are patrolling our streets.


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