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Jeanette Finicum Updates on Fight for Justice

It is up to "We The People" to defend our rights for future generations.

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Jeanette Finicum Updates on Fight for Justice

By Tim Ravndal

Editors Note:  This interview was conducted on August 17, 2020 at the home of Jeanette Finicum.

Jeanette Finicum lives in a peaceful rural community in Arizona where she hears the call from God to serve in battle here on earth.  She is still working on bringing justice to the loss of her husband, Lavoy Finicum, who was murdered by an out of control and unaccountable government.

Jeanette is very concerned about the way our society has allowed division and racism to take headlines while leaving the truth on the shelf.  Many patriots across America

Jeanette Finicum Recognized For Valor In America

believe that not only are elected officials in government not abiding by the laws of this nation but are not being held accountable for violating the rights of the people.

Jeanette is saddened that many people remain silent while at the same time is concerned about how the citizens across America are driven into submission by fear and control.  With violence in the larger cities taking headlines, it is troubling to know how to deal with everything going on.  She firmly believes that trust in God is the answer and it is up to the people to answer the calling.

Jeanette is praying to God each day that justice will be served.  On behalf of the American people she is in this fight to ensure that liberty is recognized once again in the land of the free. We were unable to make arrangements for a interview with her daughter, but she too is in this battle for justice.

All patriots must be concerned about the future of America and those rights given By God.  It is up to “We The People” to defend our rights for future generations.

Her energy overflows, and can be seen here in this short interview.  Everyone that takes a few minutes and watches this video can see and hear the call for the citizens to unite.  Jeanette’s message to the people is about the future of America.




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