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Is God Involved? by Pete Ketcham


Is God Involved?

by Pete Ketcham

Among biblical believers, there seems to be a speculative question concerning God’s interest and interaction in the events taking place in this nation today.

To those in this nation who do not believe in the God of the Bible, this speculation is a dismissive non issue. But for the believers there is a continuing question if God really cares about this nation, and if He does, are we seeing His hand in events that are presently occurring today?

At The Beginning
Part of the answer to that question lies in our past as we fought the Revolutionary war.
There are numerous instances where the weather (which cannot be controlled by man) miraculously changed to aid General George Washington and the Continental army in battles with, and escapes from, the British army.

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There were very few men if any, that had the endurance and commitment of George Washington to continue the fight against the overwhelming British army. He suffered many defeats and retreats, but never gave up. There could not have been a more divinely placed man than George Washington to win the war and become our first president. In essence the ragtag Continental Army defeated the greatest army in the world at that time, which absolutely would not occur under normal circumstances, there can be no other explanation except God’s hand was in the final victory.

In fact George Washington said in his first inaugural speech “No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency.”

As we look at what is occurring in our nation today, is it possible to see the hand of God, or are events just occurring randomly, with no rhyme or reason? It would seem that our founders had established a covenant with God for national guidance and protection, which I believe is still in effect today. I illustrate this belief by the following two events, but others may see many more:

  1. It would seem that Trump ending up in the White House was a Divine occurrence. Against all odds, he defeated 16 seasoned primary politicians, any one of which should have beat him. In the general election Trump was once again up against a seasoned and well experienced politician (Hillary Clinton), and yet he won the presidential election.
  2. Another Divine occurrence is the disruption of the godless liberal controlled education system. Prior to the current pandemic there was absolutely no way the God fearing christian community could penetrate nor influence this system. Even though this pandemic (plague) has brought sickness and death, it has also brought an opportunity for parents to regain some educational control by in-home “remote learning”.

But now, unfortunately, the moral decline of our nation has reached a “point of no return”. The perverted agenda of the LGBT (which is promoted in our school system) is growing, the entertainment world continues to produce it’s gross pornographic garbage, and “legal” abortion continues to kill millions of unborn babies. If indeed God is involved in the affairs of this nation, our present moral state cannot be pleasing to Him, for we as a nation have departed from His guidance and protection.

In the Old Testament it is recorded that when God’s people departed from the moral guidelines He set for them, and began to worship false gods, God dealt very severely with them, allowing foreign nations to conquer them, and remove them from their land.

I am not implying that God is going to do the same to our nation, but the violence of the riots raging throughout the nation, the ongoing pandemic, and the anticipated chaos of the forthcoming presidential election results looks like we may be coming to a “meltdown” that may bring this nation to a complete “reset”.

I use the term “meltdown” because we have less than three months before the presidential election, and both sides (Democrats & Republicans) have declared that they will not accept the results if they are declared the loser. Looking forward to November 3rd is like waiting for a “ticking time bomb” that could set off a level of conflict between the American people that has not been seen since the Civil War, (which God allowed to end the evil practice of slavery).

Lastly, I hope my prediction of forthcoming chaos and strife does not come about, but this nation’s rejection of God’s wisdom and guidance is already “reaping what it has sown”..


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1 Comment on Is God Involved? by Pete Ketcham

  1. It’s an interesting question! The Russian Bolsheviks were a small minority party at the beginning of 1917 … in eight months, they were in power. Divine intervention?

    Hitler’s Nazis got 2% of the vote in 1928. Five years later they ruled Germany. Divine intervention?

    Mao Tse Tung’s group was almost destroyed by the Chinese Nationalists … they had to march thousands of miles into the interior of China to save even a small remnant of themselves. Fifteen years later they ruled China. Divine intervention?

    Whether or not God gives a darnn about the USA — a fraction of the world’s people, with our little planet a tiny speck in the vast universe — we ourselves are not absolved from our duty to defend our civilzation from the forces of barbarsim which now have it under seige. (I am sure you agree with this .)

    Every patriot, whatever their religion or lack of it, has to act now. We need to concentrate into the Redoubt States … few will do this until the very last minute, for the same reasons that the Jews of Germany remained in that country when they could have left, until it was too late.

    People lucky, or provident, enough to already live in this area, should be encouraging fellow patriots to pick up stakes and move. There are hundreds of conservative websites and forums where this message could be posted by individuals. The idea must be put into people’s heads now … it will seem more and more sensible as the forces of the Left take over America, as it appears they will do.

    This campaign will take time to take root. At first, someone living in, say, Texas, just won’t believe that their state is lost. But as time passes and the forces of the Left take over, moving to the Redoubt will appear to be more and more sensible.

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