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Big Tech Takedown of Conservative Groups

This is actually an attack on speech with which the Leftists do not agree. It is that simple.

Big Tech Takedown of Conservative Groups

Big Tech Takedown of Conservative Groups

by Shari Dovale

Two more Big Tech companies have coordinated another attack on groups of Patriots and Conservatives across the United States. Facebook and Twitter have reportedly removed thousands of pages from conservative groups, including campaign pages, militia groups and personal pages of people connected to them.

The takedown of the campaign pages for these conservatives could be seen as election interference, and discussions are underway as to the remedy for this action..

Main Stream Propaganda is reporting this purge as an “effort to limit violent rhetoric tied to QAnon, political militias and protest groups.“ However, I have looked through many of the pages that were deleted and never saw any of them advocating violence, unlike many Leftist, progressive posts.

This is actually an attack on speech with which the Leftists do not agree. It is that simple.

Their narrative does not fit, as it seems to have taken a toll on conservative groups, militia pages, conservative candidate pages, and more, without affecting multiple Antifa pages, such as Antifa International, whose main website is hosted by PornHub.

Other violent leftists pages that were not removed, as of this writing, include Antifa Sacramento, Antifa Houston, and Antifa Atlanta, Black Lives Matter Portland, as well as multiple other violent gang pages.

Antifa and their comrades, the Black Lives Matter rioters, have been causing violence throughout the country under the guise of “protesting”. Recently, we saw a man dragged from his truck and beaten into unconsciousness by members of these groups.

Three Percent groups and Oath Keeper pages have seemed to be hit the hardest, with the administrators personal pages being deleted as well.

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, sent this statement:

This is an ideological and political purge. Oath Keepers does not engage in unlawful activities or advocate or incite violence. Quite the contrary.

We stand for law and order under the Constitution and defend people against unlawful violence. And that’s exactly why we are being purged.

Frankly, I knew this day was coming because the left is intolerant of opposing views and they don’t want us to get people prepared to defend against Marxist terrorists.

Which is why we created Oath Keepers chats that are owned exclusively by the organization.

Members can log onto our site and join our member-only chats. We have national members-only chats and state-level members-only chats.

Non-members can join the free, open to the public chats on

We have a free national chat there and free chats for each state. We will be building vetted, invite only chats there, as well as vetted patriot leader “round tables” for each state.

Our goal is to get patriots prepared and ready to defend their homes, towns, and counties from the ongoing Marxist insurrection we now see erupting and expanding nationwide.

We encourage you to spread the word to other patriots.

Eric Parker, founder of the Real 3% of Idaho, who is also running for the Idaho State Senate, saw his campaign page taken down, as well as his family’s pages.

We got Zucked.

We are not Bigots. We are not anti government extremists. We are not a Militia. The last big thing we did with that page was organized Potato drops around the State at the peak of the lock down

We are a network of concerned Idaho citizens who focus on community response in an emergency and we just had a big part of our network shutdown right in the middle of a State of Emergency. luckily we are a group who believes in systematic back ups and we did see this coming. We do have a Broadcast channel on Telegram you can subscribe to that we will be using more for networking our small teams here in Idaho.

Our Organization won’t be stopped from accomplishing our goals.

We will continue to work in the capital and we will continue to organize in defense of the State and US Constitutions.

We will continue to monitor for Constitutional flashpoints and respond to them.

We will continue to send our Due Process Analysis Team to investigate possible violations with local officials when the need arises and we will publish our findings

We will continue to build small teams in our State that are prepared and ready to respond in their communities and we will encourage good Idahoans to do the Same.

This is another attempt at terminating the communications of conservative groups. However, this has not happened, as these groups have not limited themselves to these 2 public utility sites.

Editor’s Note: this is another group that was targeted:


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6 Comments on Big Tech Takedown of Conservative Groups

  1. I urge all patriots to stop trying to use facebook, twitter and google. They make money off of you, work for the deep state and work to silence you while you perfect their algorithms against conservatives and the free people of America. Start using Parler and Gab and support those who support freedom. Do not fight to put money in your enemy’s pocket!

  2. It’s high time people understand what these sites are.

    Start calling them out.

    They are Anti Social Sites.

  3. facebook has proven again that they will not tolerate any ideas, speech, or facts that differ from their own leftist/globalist ideology. They especially will not tolerate organizations that support our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They not only took down groups and pages, they also took down the admins’ personal pages and who knows what else. Zero warning on any of it. If they did it to me, they can do it to you.

  4. I’m on the third, thirty day ban on faceplant. The libs don’t like my opinion. The above is a good reason, they obviously like pedophiles and child molesters. The lefties have gone full insane and expect to take the country down as a whole with them.

  5. I don’t remember any amendment to the US Constitution revising the preamble to read “Some of the people”…

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