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The So-Called Facts Remain Murky

All reminiscent of the global warming fear mongering. Beware references to the “consensus”.

Facts Checking LPOSD's Levy Claims

The So-Called Facts Remain Murky

Recently, a thoughtful gentleman sent to me on-line links to several sites that were said to be
updated statements from the CDC and Dr Anthony Fauci about face masks. Bing, NPR, FactCheck,
Poynter and Snopes do provide additional insight into the current understanding of masks. No
data, though, about just how much masks help lessen the spread of COVID-19.

Bing cites Dr Fauci’s recent statement that wearing a mask is “certainly better than not having
a mask…” and that “…the important thing is actually physical separation.” Said by a man
apparently accustomed to bureaucratic double speak.

NPR’s mixed messaging stressed “…the overwhelming consensus among public health experts
that masks can help prevent the spread…” and additional comments by Dr Fauci that “… the amount
of protection you get is worth wearing it.” As before, the good doctor did not cite how much
protection, nor any studies.

FactCheck quotes a spokesperson with the CDC saying “…the point of wearing a mask is to
protect the people around you from you if you are infected…” By how much unprovided.

Poynter declares that it is “…teaming up to debunk misleading information.” Quite the projection.

Snopes admits that “…ear loop masks offer some small measure of protection to the wearer…”.
and that “…you shoudn’t count on ear loop masks to protect you from COVID-19.”

No sources provided about how much protection. Only opinions. All reminiscent of the global
warming fear mongering. Beware references to the “consensus”.

Jeremy Conlin

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