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Small Town Idaho Gives Big Time Patriotism

No one can tell a small town of people in Idaho that they cannot enjoy their Freedom.

Small Town Idaho Gets Big Time Patriotism

Small Town Idaho Gives Big Time Patriotism

by Shari Dovale

Independence Day has always been important to the patriotic citizens of small town Bonners Ferry in the northern-most county of Idaho.

When the City Council decided that the celebrations were to be cancelled for July 4th, due to the Covid-19(84) regulations put down by Gov. Brad Little, the citizens responded.

The only known case of Coronavirus attributed to the entire county was the case of a 20 year old female that was traveling in other parts of the country, not even within the state of Idaho. However, since she had an address in Bonners Ferry, and could legally vote there, the statistic went to Boundary County, counting it as their first case.

The people of this sparse county didn’t feel that was enough reason to cancel their festivities. They decided to protest, in the form of a parade through the middle of town.

Flags were flying and Red, White and Blue was the dress for the day. People brought their pets, and the children played everywhere. Several businesses were opened and serving customers.

And this parade went without a hitch, and without an organizer. Someone made a suggestion on social media, and everything took off like a snowball rolling down hill.

Everyone gathered at the fairgrounds, lined their vehicles up and took off down Main Street.

The Bonners Ferry Police Department and the Boundary County Sheriff’s Department are just as patriotic as their neighbors. Blocking off the streets so everyone stayed safe, most of the officers donated their time off the clock. And I would venture to say that every officer in the county was visible.

Technically, for the city’s benefit, this was a protest, in the form of a parade. We all know that protests are allowed, as they are guaranteed through the First Amendment. If the theme is “Defy Tyranny”, then all the better.

No one can tell a small town of people in Idaho that they cannot enjoy their Freedom.


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