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Sandpoint Mayor’s Recent Behavior

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Sandpoint Mayor’s Recent Behavior

Let’s review the Sandpoint mayor’s recent behavior:

He allegedly told friends that using chalk to graffiti the tunnel to City Beach is legal. (The actual owners of the property disagree.)

He sides with the local “people in solidarity with Black Lives Matter,” the self-admitted Marxist group destroying parts of cities across the U.S.

He labeled the peaceful Second Amendment supporters guarding our downtown businesses as “vigilantes.” (It was all over social media that troublemakers were heading to rural towns. We will never know if they didn’t show up because we weren’t on their radar or because we have people willing to protect our town.)

He insists that racism is so prevalent here that we must hire his wife’s company to re-educate everyone. (And if we’re full of racists, why do so many people visit and want to stay?)

No, our town isn’t the problem; the mayor is. He should step aside and let someone lead who actually loves Sandpoint and respects our diverse opinions, rather than as a hyper-partisan activist.

Lisa Keseloff
Sandpoint, Idaho

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