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Hello America, and Happy Bastille Day!

Something like this could never happen again, especially not here!

Hello America, and Happy Bastille Day!

Hello America, and Happy Bastille Day!

By Gregory Noble

231 years ago, a people rose up in the name of freedom, equality, and brotherhood, and tore down an icon, a monument if you will, of the old order, to begin the French Revolution.

They did this with leadership of a few dedicated radicals who believed in a new, better way to guarantee freedom and equality (sexual, economic, justice) to the people by removing the existing corrupt government, the hated Monarchy.

And they did it with the voluminous overwhelming support of the French people, mobs of them who turned out to riot in the streets, to burn churches and businesses, to tear down all centers and symbols of the previous government.

They succeeded in bringing down the monarchy, executing the King and then the Queen, and in ushering in the utopia they planned. The rich and powerful stayed quiet for a while, trying to lay low, as did the church. But the need for justice and equality caught up to them all the same so that they either fled or died.

The utopia had to cleanse the land of those who opposed the revolution, those who didn’t support freedom and equality for all people naturally, thus the guillotines in every French city for years.

And to start up a new order based on freedom, equality and brotherhood, they had to declare war on the Christian God since clearly that view led to privilege and corruption; thus the Catholic churches were desecrated, priests killed, nuns put to better use before being killed, changing the calendar to 10 days vice 7 to remove its association with Genesis.

Eventually something went wrong with this utopian vision and goal. Instead of mass freedom it lead directly to Committees of Safety under the Directorship (that is a dictatorship) and from there to rule by the strong man dictator Napoleon.

Just an historical note from someone who reads history. And no, there is no message here, just a celebration of an historic date. Something like this could never happen again, especially not here, because people can read and understand what happens when this type of marxist anti-God movement gains momentum with oppressed masses.


*Editor’s Note:  The original post was on Bastille Day, July 14th.

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  1. That is a prudent warning. I am partial to the Committees of Safety and Militias structure used during the American Revolution…but they should not be thought of anything less than grabbing the Tiger by the tail. Bad fortune to rile the Tiger up and let go of his tail….that would be…how shall we say…Unsafe.

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