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There is no Limit, it is Only the Beginning

It is now clearly evident, that the Democrat party has no limitations on what they will do


There is no Limit, it is Only the Beginning

by Pete Ketcham

It is now clearly evident, that the Democrat party has no limitations on what they will do, or who they will support in their quest to get rid of Trump and promote their socialist agenda.

The democrat opposition to Trump and the conservatives is becoming increasingly dangerous as they align with and support violent movements such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter (who openly call for “frying cops like bacon”), and others. The looters & rioters have been greatly encouraged by the Democrat’s permissive response to their unlawful activities, and the proposed de-funding or disbanding of police departments across the nation is a bonus for them.

During this rioting and looting, Schumer and Pelosi have emphasized more concern for the “protesters” (many who are actually looters and rioters ) than law enforcement, and have shown little concern for the innocent business victims who’s places have been burned, looted, and destroyed.

The intense hate against Trump, his staff, and supporters is now evolving into illogical, (bordering on insane) decisions that have normal people concerned about how far the Democrats will go to implement their destructive agenda.

This illogical mentality of de-funding and dismantling the police departments is now spreading across the nation in Democrat controlled cities and states. This will result in anarchy in the streets and a tremendous danger to the public who are already facing riots.

Another knee-jerk reaction is removing school resource officers from the schools across the nation on the pretext their presence is offensive to the black students. This opens up the doors to potential “school shooters”, and once again puts the students in harm’s way.

I truly believe, that as long as the Democrats feel their homes and political positions are not in jeopardy, they would let the whole country burn down if it would get rid of Trump and promote their socialist agenda. In reality they are secretly delighted by the chaos and anarchy taking place in our nation today as long as it works against Trump’s image of a successful president.


This is only the beginning. What you see taking place in the cities today, will be repeated through out the nation as long as the godless Democrats hold positions as Governors and Mayors.

The looters, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter have perfected their tactics for chaos, thievery, and are just waiting for the next incident ( whenever the present one is finally over) between a cop and a black person to ignite the next flash point to “justify” their “protests”.

And thus due to the cities across the nation inability to prevent rampant looting and burning of buildings, police cars, fire trucks, and even a police station, the law abiding citizens will eventually have no choice but to defend themselves and their assets with deadly force against these Democrat inspired mobs, and when that occurs, anarchy will reign our nation.


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