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The Political Church with Lady Liberty

Liberty State Radio has now changed to "The Political Church, with Lady Liberty".

God The Political Church with Lady Liberty masks

The Political Church with Lady Liberty Episode 1: Introduction


Liberty State Radio has now changed to “The Political Church, with Lady Liberty“.

Changing focus to call American Christians to bring their walk of faith into the battlefield of supporting our traditional American Government by engaging in the political realm.

Perilous times with the Godless Communist and Socialist Party attempting to take over our nation is going to require every Christian to get on board to preserve our traditional Christian way of life in the USA.

Please join me each week as we call the church to join us in saving America from the communist takeover!

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1 Comment on The Political Church with Lady Liberty

  1. I am not a Christian…But neither am I a rancher, logger or Miner..Nevertheless, when ranchers or miners needed protection, I and many other non – ranchers and non – miners answered the call….Totalitarian governments have always viewed organized religion as a threat, and have always suppressed it…..marginalized it….penalized it’s adherents…The Lib/Dem Domestic Enemies of today are no different….It is heartening to see at least some few people of faith recognize this threat and unapologetically enter the political sphere…If they will stand, I’ll stand with them..

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