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The Political Church: We Will Not Wear Mandated Masks

Gov. Inslee just showed why none of us have to wear masks.

God The Political Church with Lady Liberty masks

The Political Church Episode 4:
We Will Not Wear Mandated Masks


In Episode 4, I didn’t cover the news I got just this morning.  Gov. Inslee just had a press conference on mandatory masks and walked out and thanked everyone for showing up in their masks, while he himself had no mask and he said he didn’t have his on because of the First Amendment!!!!  Amazing!  Now he’s citing his own Constitutional rights and therefore just showed why none of us have to wear them either, and I will never put a mask on.  This is their buildup to the Mark of the Beast where you cannot buy or sell without whatever they demand that you have on your body.  So here it is.  MY LINE in the sand.  I will not.  I refuse.  I refuse to bow down to the evil unlawful act. If this is where the Mark of the Beast begins to gain traction, count me out.  I flat out refuse.  I will buy all my goods online.

“The Political Church with Lady Liberty” is the call to God’s Christian Church to walk their faith where the battle is being waged right now= politics and American Government!  Now more than ever in American History, the church needs to engage and fight to keep God in America and in our political and governmental institutions, as the goal of our communist enemies is “To dethrone God and destroy Capitalism”.

The two greatest Commandments are to Love God and to love your brother as yourself.  This broadcast describes how to apply those two concepts in politics and government.  The USA is, afterall, “One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all!”

So please join me as we continue our political and governmental coverage of today’s events, with the Christian action perspective, calling each and everyone of you to walk your faith and help to defend God and Jesus Christ in the USA.

God Bless America!

Lady Liberty

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