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The Political Church – Get the China and the UN Out of the USA!

Now more than ever in American History, the church needs to engage and fight to keep God in America

God The Political Church with Lady Liberty masks

The Political Church With Lady Liberty: Episode 5; Get the China and the UN Out of the USA!


“The Political Church with Lady Liberty” is the call to God’s Christian Church to walk their faith where the battle is being waged right now; in politics and American Government! Get your whole church registered to vote and prepare to vote for Trump in November if you want to keep God in America.  If Trump doesn’t get elected, the Communists are anti-God and anti- “Traditional America”.Did you know the Communist Chinese Party is paying American Maoist groups to get democrats registered in 5 Republican states to change those states to Democrat States?  They already were successful in the State of Virginia.  If they get all 5 flipped, Trump can’t get re-elected because that would make the democrats the majority in the electoral college.  So we have to counter the Communist Chinese party and register every Christian American we can find.  Tell your pastors to get your whole church registered to vote and to vote for Trump or we are sunk in America.

Now more than ever in American History, the church needs to engage and fight to keep God in America and in our political and governmental institutions, as the goal of our communist enemies is “To dethrone God and destroy Capitalism”.

The two greatest Commandments are to Love God and to love your brother as yourself.  This broadcast describes how to apply those two concepts in politics and government.  The USA is, after all, “One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all!”

So please join me as we continue our political and governmental coverage of today’s events, with the Christian action perspective, calling each and everyone of you to walk your faith and help to defend God and Jesus Christ in the USA.

God Bless America!

Lady Liberty

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1 Comment on The Political Church – Get the China and the UN Out of the USA!

  1. Was thinking about how messed up the USA’s involvement with the UN was today while I was cutting wood for winter. We haven’t had a war since WWII…Congress has not asked the public to support a war with war bonds since WWII…but the USA has been major player in UN “police” actions around the world. Funded largely by fiat debt notes called the FRN.

    It is understandable how the USA become the main “World Cop”, we funded the IMF with 30% subscription in gold after Bretton Woods circa 1947, (how much of that gold was confiscated from Americans in 1934 and was in Ft. Knox?)…and we wanted to protect the IMF and World Bank investments/loans all across the world.

    Try to defund that police force?…the shelves would empty quickly. Poor looters, what will they do when there is nothing on the shelves to loot? Oh, there is answer, from the Gulag Archipelago…the USSR’s Communists found class empathy with the criminals…the criminals had high status in the Gulags…it was the common people who were the enemies…for if the common people were not enemies then THEY would have stuff on the shelves for the looters to loot. Poor looters.

    It is not an up front business…but it is what it is. The real gullet choking animadversion is we give countries like Russia, China and other despots validity as honorable members of the UN. They are not….they laugh at how much the “West” panders to them to get them to attend. They are looters of the highest order….yet they call Capitalism predatory.

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