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Submitting to Anarchy

Unless this anarchy is met with sufficient force to stop it in it’s tracks, it will expand and imperil all US cities.

Submitting to Anarchy

Submitting to Anarchy

by Pete Ketcham

For the first time in our history, certain state governors and city mayors are submitting to unlawful mob activities, and social demands of street protesters.

What we are seeing in Seattle is the illegal control of private property of citizens, with the underlying threat of violence to those citizens if they resist the “takeover”. What is astounding, is this is all happening with the approval of the mayor (Jenny Durkan) who has ordered the police to stand down, and not interfere.

There are other examples of this violence and social pressure throughout certain cities across our nation, but the significant fact is that the anarchists are winning, both in the street and in the public opinion arena. In fact it has now become hazardous to your job, political position, and income to even criticize Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The front line resistance to the rioting, looting, and burning, sweeping through the cities are the police, but unbelievably there is widespread support to weaken the police by defunding and dismantling them, in essence eliminating the only force great enough to stop the anarchy. This is completely illogical, but nevertheless it is supported by the Democrat politicians around the nation.

By the success of this anarchy movement, it looks like these protests, riots, and unlawful occupations are being organized and financed by processionals who wish to take down Trump and destroy this constitutional nation in the process. We know the Nazi George Soros is behind many efforts to destroy this nation, but It would seem that there are many more liberal wealthy individuals, including foreign countries that are contributing to this present anarchy.

As these rioters tear down statues, hang them on light poles and throw them in the river, they are moved one step closer to a lynch mob, doing the same to people they disagree with and hate.

We are living in dangerous times, and unless this anarchy is met with sufficient force to stop it in it’s tracks, it will expand and imperil all US cities.

Lastly, it should be noted that the states and cities that are caving into these criminal anarchists (Antifa, BLM, and others) are controlled by Democrats. At this time there is no organized “push back” by the general public to this anarchy or to the removal of these ineffective Democrat politicians. Thus I can only conclude that the law abiding citizens of these cities will reap the logical results of their timidity and complacency.


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