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Mayor Sees Nothing Wrong With BLM

The BLM leader just vowed publicly to “burn America down” if their wild demands are not met.

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Mayor Sees Nothing Wrong With BLM

It’s time the curtain is lifted on what Black Lives Matter is about, specifically for the group of naïve young people who felt compelled to hold a rally in solidarity with this organization. It seems that they, the Sandpoint mayor, and the lot of Sandpoint Indivisibles see no evil and hear no evil when it comes to this organization.

Rooted in hate and violence, BLM’s past slogans of “What do we want – dead cops!” and “Pigs in a blanket, roast like bacon” now appear mild compared with the destruction, murder and mayhem perpetrated by BLM now on city after city run by pathetic, cowardly Democrat mayors across the country. As of this writing, the BLM leader just vowed publicly to “burn America down” if their wild demands are not met.

How does this dovetail with the Sandpoint mayor’s professed “hate has no place here”, and his dutiful reading of the Sandpoint Indivisibles’ proclamation at the recent City Council meeting which claims that “Love Lives Here” and affirmed their commitment to “uphold and protect the civil and human rights of all individuals”?

How is it that the mayor is fine with BLM and their violent activities, past and present, but sees Nazis, racists and KKK members around every corner while demonizing peaceful, law-abiding citizens as “vigilantes” just because they showed up downtown worried about a BLM protest getting out of hand as has been so often the case in other cities. Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to him that the visibility of the law-abiding citizens may have prevented just that.

Chris Anderson
Sagle, Idaho


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