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Where are our Leaders???

Does anyone have a spine? They should be ashamed and stripped of their positions.

enough leaders

Where are our Leaders???

Where are our leaders??? If you won’t stand against this scamdemic, orchestrated to steal our liberties, what will you stand for? The numbers are fake and the media has been weaponized to instill fear and hysteria. While the radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” in 1938 accidentally caused a panic, this has been intentional. We have been duped and so sheeple bought into the hype, and now cannot admit they were fooled.

In the spirit of “never let a good crisis go to waste”, the governor has seized this opportunity to grab control and cause Idahoans harm. He has threatened to pursue mandatory vaccinations. He is hiring “tracers” to track you and trespass on your property! He uses the ISP for enforcement. He allows unelected bureaucrats to threaten businesses that do not comply with this nonsense. He has chosen to be your ruler. We did not elect a king.

Meanwhile our legislature is in hiding, refusing to reconvene to take their power back. Why? Because they are too focused on their re-election and political careers rather than what is at stake for you and your children.

Where is the Speaker of the House? Where is the Chairman of the business committee? Where is the Chairman of the State GOP? Does anyone have a spine? A crisis separates the weak from the strong. They should be ashamed and stripped of their positions.

We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. We see the charade and the new world order that is being forced upon us.

The Governor has shown himself to be against liberty and for big government:

In fact, a list of grievances was sent to the governor by the Bonner County Republican Central Committee in February 2020, and before the emergency order. No response was received.

Enough. We must be our own leaders. Join the grassroots effort to recall Governor Chicken Little. See for more information.

Theresa Parker


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