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While You Weren’t Looking – The Dems Hijacked Our Government

What is the point of having a Constitution if the lawmakers are not bound by it?

You Weren't Looking

While You Weren’t Looking – The Dems Hijacked Our Government

by Shari Dovale

While the media keeps the country distracted on the Covid-19(84) Plandemic, the Dems are hijacking our government.

Between the mail in votes and our government turning proxy, we seem to have lost completely!

It began with the mail-in voter scam. This is the most egregious way of slapping the American people and telling them they are not worth anything.

I defy any Democrat to name a single sovereign country, anywhere in the world, that allows non-citizens to choose their leaders.

Any Country!

Yet, through this Fake News Flu, the Dems and all their cohort RINOs, are allowing the electoral process to be morphed without any oversight at all.

  • Don’t forget, not too long ago, weren’t they screaming to abolish the electoral college?
  • Do we need to be reminded how loud they were screaming to keep President Trump off of the ballots?
  • How about when the lefty states passed laws to only allow for the national popular vote?

None of those worked, so they took advantage of the fraidycat mask-wearing sheep and hijacked our entire voting system.

Even the Republicans gave in to this stupidity. They allowed it, so they will have no leg to stand on when the Dems push them out and change us to a one-party system. If the Republican party retains any measure at all, even at the local level, it will be amazing.

Now, let’s add to this racket by watching Nancy Pelosi scamming the people by manipulating a vote on a new rule that allows for proxy voting in the US House of Representatives.

Yes, you heard that right. Elected Reps need not travel to Washington DC and do the job they were elected for. They can sit home on their butts, collect a very large paycheck, and turn their votes over to an elite small group of Dems to decide how the country will be trashed.

There will be no debating of proposed laws or rules. No one will be able to challenge Pelosi’s Posse, and she will become the Defacto Dictator in our not-so-sovereign country.

The rule passed with no Republicans voting for it, and allows for the first proxy votes in congressional history. (Can you hear the Founders screaming from their graves?)

Wednesday marks the first day that proxy votes were to take place, but the Republicans have filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to stop this heinousness.

Congressman Russ Fulcher (R-Idaho) joined the lawsuit that was filed tonight at 6PM EST challenging the constitutionality of Speaker Pelosi’s new “proxy” vote rule.

The Founders of this great nation never intended members of Congress to give their voting ability to someone else, and the people of Idaho elected me to represent them, not Nancy Pelosi. “Voting by proxy” is an unconstitutional process that would result in a tremendous transfer of power. It cannot stand.” Rep. Fulcher said.

“It is unacceptable to allow this 231-year precedent to be broken for the sake of political posturing, and it is a shame we must resort to legal action to rectify it.”

WSJ is one of the few Lefty Media that are actually mentioning this change, yet they are reporting that:

Democrats have said that the Constitution gives the House the ability to write its own rules and that any legal challenge was meritless.

What is the point of having a Constitution if the lawmakers are not bound by it?


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2 Comments on While You Weren’t Looking – The Dems Hijacked Our Government

  1. Goes to show just when you think there is nothing left to take…they go on and take some more.

    Makes a person wonder just how much Communist literature the Democrats have read and if they really really believe in the “Class Dictatorship”….where a mob of Statists can micromanage America. Because it sure looks like a “mob of statists” and this sure looks like micromanagement.

    That Constitutional Clause that says Congress can make its own rules is the premise through which the Two-Parties and the corruption of the Committee System has become entrenched.

    I will have to add “Proxy Votes” to my list of the variables found in Democratic principles…not that all those variables are good.

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