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What “is” a Representative of the People?

You are not qualified to be a representative if:

Lockwood Misleading; McDonald is Fiscal Conservative Representative

What “is” a Representative of the People?

A representative (or Senator) is elected to REPRESENT the electorate in fulfillment of their campaign promises. This can only be accomplished if a candidates expresses his or her honest political positions and then stays true to those expressed positions if elected. All elected officials are required to take the Montana Oath of Office promising to uphold the federal and state Constitutions and “discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.”

You are not qualified to be a representative if:

You think you are smarter than those electing you.

You are seeking personal power, fame or money.

The election is more about you than what you represent.

You have to hide what you believe to be accepted.

Your political beliefs are not tied to your personal principles.

To campaign in support of certain policies or a party platform and then vote contrary to those same principles later is a violation of that pledge of fidelity. You declare to all your disdain for the voters, your insincerity, and your dishonesty. A candidate’s character is their most important qualification. Unless a candidate can be trusted, campaign promises are worse than meaningless, they are a deliberate attempt to deceive the voter for personal gain.

In this coming primary consider the candidates carefully and choose wisely. This is not a popularity contest but a choice between liberty and freedom, or socialism and bondage by an out-of-control bureaucracy.

Thank you for your consideration,

Richard Hulse

Hamilton, MT

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